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Difference Between Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation 1

Nintendo 64 vs Sony Playstation 1

The Nintendo 64 and the Playstation 1 are fifth generation consoles (we are currently on the seventh). The biggest difference between these two consoles is their architecture. The Playstation 1 jumps to the next logical step from the 16 bit platforms as a 32-bit platform. On the other hand, Nintendo decided to skip 32-bit and decided to go with a 64 bit platform; thus the 64 bit suffix. Although a 64-bit platform would have many advantages over 32-bit, there are many faults within the Nintendo 64 that impaired its success.

One major design fault with the Nintendo 64 is the use of cartridges like older 4th generation consoles; the Playstation 1 went with the compact disc. Cartridges are a lot more expensive than the CD and take longer to produce. Higher production costs mean that the game would also be pricier while longer production times mean that the Nintendo 64 always gets games late. Cartridges also have very limited space. While a Nintendo game cartridge can only hold 64MB, a Playstation 1 CD can hold 640MB. This limitation forced many game makers to move away from the Nintendo 64. Putting games in multiple cartridges would simply push the price much higher. Multiple discs is very common with the Playstation 1 as the media is very cheap. Game makers can put full video cinematic movies into the game without minding costs. These disadvantages contribute to why the Playstation 1 has three times the games of the Nintendo 64.

Although the Nintendo 64 cartridge is filled with drawbacks, there are a few advantages. The first is the very fast access times, which reduces the need to pause the game for the data to load. Loading screens are very common in Playstation 1 games but it is one aspect that many gamers have learned to live with. The second advantage is added protection against piracy. Replicating the circuitry in a cartridge is not only costly, but difficult as well. With the Playstation 1, game discs are easily mass produced with cheap equipment.


1. Nintendo 64 has a 64-bit CPU while the Playstation 1 has a 32-bit CPU
2. The Nintendo 64 used cartridges while the Playstation 1 used CDs
3. There are no multi-cartridge games on the Nintendo 64 but there are many multi-disc games for the Playstation 1
4. There are a lot more games for the Playstation than the Nintendo 64
5. The Nintendo 64 doesn’t suffer from loading screens while the Playstation 1 does
6. Piracy is rare on the Nintendo 64 but very common on the Playstation 1

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