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Difference Between Nintendo Wii and Sony Move

Nintendo Wii vs Sony Move

The Nintendo Wii sure made it feasible to market motion controllers and be profitable. The Move is Sony’s attempt to implement a similar controller to their Playstation 3 platform. As you may have already figured out, the Wii is a complete gaming console while the Move is simply an add-on to the Playstation 3. If you have already have a Playstation 3, you can purchase the Move separately. But if you also do not have the Sony Eye accessory, you would need to buy one as it is needed by the Move. You can probably buy the entire set if you do not have any of the three but there is only one purchase with the Wii.

The main discriminating part of the Move controller from the Wii’s is the lighted globe that is on the end of the Move. The lighted globe is a necessary feature that would help the Sony Eye to determine the location and relative distance of the controller. The eye tracks the movement of the globe and translates it into game commands. The globe can even change colors in order to stand apart from the background and any other light source in the field of view.

A minor difference between the two controllers is the lack of motion sensors on the secondary controller of the Move. This is not very important for most games but for boxing games and the like, you would need two Move controllers rather than the Move controller and the secondary. The Wii’s nunchuck has motion controllers so you won’t need a second controller.

A key advantage of the Move is not really inherent to the Move but due to the presence of the Eye. The camera of the Eye, when coupled with the Move controller, lends itself nicely to augmented reality games. These are games where the player is part of the game and the motion of the Move controller is used to interact with the game.


  1. The Nintendo Wii is a gaming console while the Sony Move is an add-on controller
  2. The Move uses a light ball while the Wii does not
  3. The Move requires that you also have the Sony Eye to function while the Wii does not need any other accessory
  4. The Move’s secondary controller does not have motion sensors while the Wii’s nunchuck does
  5. The Move allows for augmented reality games while the Wii does not

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