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Difference Between Samsung F2 and Samsung F3

Samsung F2 vs Samsung F3

The Samsung F2 and Samsung F3 are names for different classes of hard drive lines. Both have drives with different capacities but each line has features that distinctly separates them from each other. The F2s are known as EcoGreens, with the name having environmental associations, while the F3s are known as SpinPoint, which is the traditional name of high performance drives of Samsung. The most major difference between the two drive types would probably be their speed as the F3s spin at 7200rpm while the F2s spin at 5400rpm. Faster platter spin means shorter time for the head to reach the specific sector that it wants to reach. This directly affects the read and write times of the drives and F3 drives are much faster compared to F2 drives. Along with the speed is noise, and the F3 also have more of it compared to the F2. It may not be significant if you have one or two drives, but if you have a lot of drives, it can quickly add up.

Another drawback of the F3 drives is the much higher energy consumption. Since F3 drives spin faster, it also requires more energy to maintain that speed. The F2 EcoGreens are better for portable applications where reduced energy consumption results to longer lifetime. It is also a good choice if you want to reduce your electric bill or just help the environment.

There are ways where you can mix both F2 and F3 hard drives in order to take advantage of their features. The F3 is employed as a main drive as it is the one that is accessed the most and has the biggest effect on speed. Speed may no longer be as important for back-up or secondary drives as it is only accessed occasionally. For these, using F2 drives may make more sense. You can reduce the power requirements and the amount of heat that is generated by your system.


The F2s are known as EcoGreens while the F3s are known as SpinPoints

The F3s are much faster compared to the F2s

The F3s are noisier compared to the F2s

The F3s consume a lot more power compared to the F2s

The F2 is better suited for portable applications compared to the F3

The F3 is better as a main hard drive compared to the F2

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