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Difference Between Xbox 360 4GB and Xbox 360 250GB

Xbox 360 4GB vs Xbox 360 250GB

The Xbox 360 is a very successful gaming platform from Microsoft. It comes in varying models with different capacity hard drives in them. A more peculiar model of the Xbox 360 is the 4GB model. Unlike the 250GB Xbox, this model doesn’t have a hard drive; instead, it has 4GB of flash memory. Flash memory has several advantages over hard drives, which includes faster read rates, low power consumption, low noise, and virtually no heat generation. But the most major downside to Flash memory is that it is quite expensive. So, only small capacities can be used.

The obvious advantage you get with the 250GB Xbox is capacity. With media files like movies, music, and games getting bigger and bigger, 4GB is just not enough to hold even a couple of games. Saving games on the hard drive also offers loading benefits compared to loading them from discs as hard drives are faster than optical drives. There is also very little risk of media damage when you store the games on the drive.

Another disadvantage of opting for the 4GB Xbox is incompatibilities with some games. One game with a reported incompatibility is Halo Reach. Although the game plays in most part, going into coop would result in an error indicating the need for a hard drive. Another game is Burnout, which also needs a hard drive to play properly.

Thankfully, there is a remedy to those who already have or is planning to get a 4GB Xbox. It has a hard drive bay inside where you can install a separately purchased hard drive from Microsoft. This is good for people who are not quite sure about whether the Xbox is for them. It offers the ability to purchase incrementally; buying the bare model, then getting the hard drive when you feel that you actually need it. But for those who are really into gaming, there is no reason to not get the 250GB Xbox outright.


1.The 250GB Xbox uses a hard drive while the 4GB Xbox uses flash memory
2.The 250GB Xbox lets you store more games and other media compared to the 4GB Xbox
3.The 4GB Xbox has some issues with some games that the 250GB Xbox doesn’t have
4.The 4GB Xbox has a hard drive bay and can be upgraded with a hard drive to be just like the 250GB Xbox

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  1. Which gaming system is recommended? I only want to play games, not concerned about storage.

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