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Difference Between SLR and Digital Cameras

nikon_d5000_amSLR vs Digital Cameras

SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex. This is an assembly of moving mirrors that direct the light either to the viewfinder or the element that records the image. SLR is used exclusively on cameras, leading to becoming a class of its own. Digital cameras are the successor to the very mature film camera technology. Instead of being recorded to film, the image in a digital camera is converted to digital information that a computer can use to recreate the image. It offers significant improvements over film cameras that include the ability to instantly preview the image and the ability to use the LCD as a viewfinder.

The telltale indication that separates SLR cameras from point-and-shoots is the substantial price tags. This is true regardless of whether you have a film SLR camera or digital SLR camera. Even though digital cameras started at a very high price point, we already have very inexpensive point and shoot digital cameras that provide very basic features.

SLR cameras tend to be very big. The mechanism in an SLR camera requires a lot of space, making the body much bigger. Add to this the wide range of lenses that can be attached to an SLR, some of which can be many times bigger than the camera body. Digital cameras come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Digital SLR cameras can be very big as I’ve mentioned above but you can also find digital cameras that are very small. The cameras that you find on your mobile phones, laptops, and even on some spying gadgets are all digital in nature but none are SLR.

It is a fact that the more moving parts you have, the greater the possibility things that can go wrong. SLRs have a lot of moving parts, including the lenses and mirrors, which could wear down over time. Digital cameras have fewer moving parts, with some having no moving parts at all, making them substantially more rugged than other types of cameras.


1. SLR is a system of mirrors that are used in high-end cameras while digital cameras are a new class of cameras that no longer use film

2. SLR cameras tend to be very expensive while some digital cameras are quite cheap

3. SLR cameras are big and bulky while some digital cameras can be very small

4. SLR are prone to damage while most digital cameras are pretty rugged

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