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Difference Between DSLR and Point and Shoot

dslrA Digital Single Lens Reflex or DSLR camera is basically your point and shoot camera on steroids. DSLR usually have better lenses and better sensors when compared to the usual point and shoot. DSLRs also allow more control than what a regular point and shoot.

Traditional point and shoot cameras are what you would often see today. They are small, compact, and lightweight cameras that are easy to use. These cameras are aimed towards the casual user and as such it doesn’t have features that require a lot of user intervention. Most features that can be seen on a point and shoot camera can be set on auto to make it even easier for the user.

DSLR cameras are improved version of their analog counterpart, the SLR. The term SLR was originally used to identify cameras that use the same light path for its viewfinder and to expose the film. This was fairly hard to do on film cameras because it requires a complex mechanism that uses prism to deflect the light. SLR cameras then became the standard for professional photographers and have since become the standard for high end cameras.

Despite being far superior compared to point and shoot cameras, there are also a few disadvantages when dealing with DSLR cameras. The first of which is the huge point_shootdifference in dimensions and weight. DSLR cameras are notably larger and much heavier than standard a digital camera, that is even before attaching lenses; lenses, depending on the type, can add more to the weight and size of your DSLR. A DSLR is also a lot more complex due to the preset manual controls on it. The lenses also add another level of complexity to the use of DSLR cameras since different shots require different types of lenses. DSLR cameras also need a little bit more maintenance in order to keep it in proper working condition. The lenses that are attached to the camera needs to be cleaned to remove dust particles that may appear in the shot and the sensor might also need periodical cleaning to remove the dust that can enter.

When choosing a camera, you should think about what you intend to use it for. If you are a professional photographer or you intend to pick-up photography as a hobby, a DSLR camera does fit your purpose. If you only want the best camera to take family photos or for travelling, a DSLR might be an inappropriate choice. You would only be burdened by the very heavy camera and you’d spend more time fumbling to get the right settings rather than taking pictures.

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