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rz67_camera_pdRB67 vs RZ67

The RB67 and RZ67 are popular Mamiya lines of cameras. The 67 suffix is an indication that the cameras are 6cm × 7cm. Both are well-known cameras that are in medium format, and have been used by countless photographers worldwide.

The RB67 was introduced in 1970, and soon became a very popular camera for both amateur and professional photographers. The mechanical RB67 camera is considered as ‘old school’ to most studio professionals, but the camera always prides itself by being reliable. ‘RB’ actually means ‘Revolving Back’, as it enabled the photographer to take photographs in either landscape or portrait orientation, without rotating the camera. It was a highly valued innovation at that time.

With the RB, you have to manually wind your film, and meter yourself. However, those are not difficult things to do anyway. The RB cameras however, are very heavy; a pound heavier than the newer RZ cameras. The RB cameras may be the heaviest cameras in medium format. The weight can hinder some basic focusing and composing actions, especially when they are done at the same time.

The RZ67 cameras are the newer ones, and they are considered automatic or electronic versions of the RB67. It is the follow up product to the RB67, and was introduced in 1982. Naturally, the RZ67 commands a more expensive price, and many frown at it because of the features added from the RB67 is not worth the extra money. ‘RZ’, however, has no real meaning, and it was only derived from the earlier 6 x 7 medium format Mamiya product.

Nevertheless, the more automatic features of the RZ are useful for quick shooting applications. RB cameras, on the other hand, are used more often in studios where winding and cocking mechanically is not a major bother.

The RB67 line consists of the original RB67, the PRO-S and the Pro-SD, while the RZ67 is available in Pro I, Pro II and Pro IID. Any RZ camera can easily take any RZ and RB lenses, which can be very beneficial for some. Sadly, that can’t be said about the RB, since they can’t easily take RZ lenses.


1. The RZ67 is a newer camera, and is considered to be the electronic or automatic version of the mechanical RB67.

2. The first RB67 was introduced in 1970, and the RZ67 was introduced in 1982.

3. The RB67 is a pound or two heavier than the RZ67.

4. The RB67 is considered to be reliable in studios where the mechanical features are not bothersome, while the RZ67 does better in fast shooting applications.

5. The RZ67 can take many of RB67 lenses, but this is not the case vice versa.

6. ‘RB’ actually means ‘Revolving Back’, while ‘RZ’ is just derived from the former.

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