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Difference between Apple TV & Blu-Ray Player

TV vs Blu-Ray Player

A good number of people are looking forward to pass on the heck of paying cable bills. However, no one wants to give up watching their most favorite TV shows. Online websites take their leads here allowing you to watch your favorite shows directly from the internet with the help of an extra device connected to your TV. The most popular solutions for such devices are the Apple TV and a Blu-Ray Player. Invest for just the once and keep streaming your favorite shows from online to your TV.

If you are a movie lover and don’t prefer spending time on Netflix or Hulu, then Blu-Ray player is for you. A Blu-Ray player with built-in Wi-Fi offers wireless connectivity to the internet and also allows you to watch Blu-Ray disks, which is not available on an Apple TV. Using a Blu-Ray player, you can connect with most sites like Pandora, YouTube, Hulu or Netflix. However, the main function of a Blu-Ray player is to play Blu-Ray disks and not to stream internet media. Although it does a pretty good job in online streaming, new channels will not be developed for your player like Apple TV.

When it comes to the Apple TV, it’s a whole new technology compared to the Blu-Ray player. It has been designed as a media streamer and its main function is to deliver videos, movies, TV shows and music from the internet to your TV. Apple TV offers a lot more features than the average Blu-Ray player.

The interface of the Apple TV is a lot easier to handle and offers better user experience compared to the Blu-Ray player. Integration of movie browsing sites like Rotten Tomatoes enhances the experience of using an Apple TV. Besides, the Apple TV also offers connecting to iCloud where you can store your favorite media files on the cloud and access from anywhere using multiple Apple devices.

Apple TV offers the AirPlay, which creates the basic difference between the Apple TV and Blu-Ray players. You cannot find a single Blu-Ray player with features like the AirPlay. Using AirPlay, you can connect your Apple device directly to your TV and the media can be displayed on your TV. This is a great feature if you are a hardcore Apple lover. In the end, it’s better to choose an Apple TV as it does a better job when it comes to media streaming.

Key Differences between Apple TV and Blu-Ray Player:

The Blu-Ray player is a lot cheaper than the Apple TV, even the Wi-Fi version.
Blu-Ray player allows to play Blu-Ray disks, but the Apple TV does not.
Blu-Ray player have limited online media streaming capabilities compared to the Apple TV and is mainly focused on playing Blu-Ray disks.
Apple TV has a better user interface and also allows connecting to iCloud, which the Blu-Ray player does not offer.
Apple TV features AirPlay, allowing Apple devices to be displayed to your TV, which is not available in Blu-Ray players.

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