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Xbox vs Xbox 360

In 2001, and with Sony’s Playstation being the undisputed king of the hill, Microsoft released the Xbox. Although many had their doubts, the Xbox managed to get a foothold in the gaming console market. With the success of the Xbox, Microsoft started the development of its successor in 2003. This was then unveiled as the Xbox 360 in the middle of 2005.

As the successor of the Xbox, it is important for the Xbox 360 to have superior hardware. This involves a more powerful multicore processor, substantially more memory, and an improved graphics processing unit. This is very important to allow the Xbox 360 to run processing intensive games. You can easily see the superiority of the Xbox 360 over the Xbox by comparing how detailed and rich the environments in the games of the latter.

Aside from what is insider the console itself, there are also improvements outside. The first is the use of wireless controllers as standard. The wired controllers of the Xbox did a good enough job but there is always that issue of tangled cables, tripping over them, or simply not reaching the couch. The wireless controllers of the Xbox 360 eliminate all these problems. But, you should be mindful of the battery’s charge or have spares ready.

Another addition to the Xbox 360 is the Kinect, which is an add-on accessory and needs to be bought separately. The Kinect is a camera that lets the Xbox sense how the players are moving and translates the motions to controls. The Kinect opened-up the Xbox 360 to more unique games that do not rely on the typical controller. Some of these games can only be played with the Kinect.

A good thing about the Xbox 360 is how Microsoft was able to retain backwards compatibility with some games. If you have some old Xbox games, you can check if you are still able to play them on the Xbox 360. This gives old Xbox games some replay value and you can just sell your old console but keep the games if you are upgrading to the Xbox 360.


1.The Xbox 360 is the successor to the Xbox
2.The Xbox 360 has superior hardware compared to the Xbox
3.The Xbox came with wired controllers while the Xbox 360 came with wireless controllers
4.The Xbox 360 works with the Kinect while the Xbox doesn’t
5.The Xbox 360 can play some Xbox games

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  1. Friend of mine gave me the Xbox 360 slim so I’m wondering if I can purchase the old game Crysis 2 can I play on this console

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