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Difference between XBOX ONE & PS4


Microsoft and Sony are two giants in the world of digital gaming consoles and their flagship products the Xbox One and the PS4 have really stirred the worldwide gaming community. Let’s check out a point by point analysis of the hardware, software and the gaming experience in each of these two gaming consoles focusing on the main differences between the two.

In the hardware section, the clear winner is the PS4. Both of them have a bulky form factor and yet the PS4 looks much smarter and has a better design compared to the Xbox one. However, the Xbox one does offer HDMI support, which is not available in the Sony PS4.

The processor and the GPU used by the PS4 and the Xbox One are both designed by AMD, but the PS4’s GPU has 50% more units for a powerful graphics along with the GDDR5 memory.

The DRM of Microsoft are very complex and your console needs to be always online. But Sony has declared that there will no barriers for online check-ins when using their consoles and there will be no restrictions on lending or selling used game disks.

In the online services section, the Xbox One is the winner. You’ll have to pay for playing more than one online multiplayer game, but the Xbox One allows two free Xbox 360 games that the gamers can download and play.

There is not a single non-biased gamer who would prefer Sony’s PS3 controller over the Xbox 360’s controller. The Xbox One game pad is simply gorgeous and is still our favorite when compared to the PS4’s game controller. The Kinect controller in the Xbox one has been developed and improved and can be integrated on to any game. However, if you wish to make the best use of your smartphone or tablet running on iOS or Android, a better prospective is offered by Microsoft than Sony.

The pad in the PS4 naturally seems to be better than its previous version. The trigger has been improved and so has the design of the joy-pad. It now includes a touch sensitive part and the PS4 Eye accessory can pick up light. This is of course and extra option and the Eye support is not compatible with all the games. The Vita handheld looks promising and Sony is eyeing to do great stuffs with it. If you’ve got one with your console, it’s great. If you’re looking to add it to your console, it’s going to be a pretty expensive add on.

Key Differences between XBOX ONE & PS4:

The PS4 has a better design than the Xbox One. But the Xbox One features HDMI input, which the PS4 lacks.
The PS4 is a lot cheaper than the Xbox One although the gaming performance does not compromise over the price.
Microsoft has a complex DRM, whereas Sony offers free reselling, lending of used games and no online restrictions.
The Xbox One controller has a better design and better gameplay features than the PS4’s controller.

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  1. That is bull the ps4 remote has a way better remote Xbox remote feels cheap•••

  2. Um…The PS4 has HDMI support! What was this writer smoking? Bath salts mixed with cocaine?! No offense but the writer sounds confused and not aware of the world around him (or her but it would definitely seem more likely a him.)

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