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Kinect vs Wii

Although the Wii is not the first attempt at motion controllers, it is certainly the first marketable and user friendly implementation. Other console makers also followed suit by creating their own motion controllers and Kinect is Microsoft’s version for the Xbox 360. The main difference between the two is that the Wii is actually a complete gaming platform while the Kinect is simply an add-on to the Xbox 360. Without it, you can still play other games on the Xbox. This is good for those who already have Xbox 360 units as they would not have to buy an all new console; especially good considering the high price of the Kinect alone.

While the Wii uses a controller that senses motion with accelerometers and infrared light, the Kinect uses a camera and depth sensors to figure out how the user is moving. Rather than wave a controller around, you only need to move your hands in a specific manner with the Kinect in order to perform an action.

Another advantage that the Kinect has over the Wii is the audio and imaging AI. The Kinect is able to recognize faces and determine the player from other people who are close to him. Facial recognition is then supported by voice recognition to ensure accurate identification. Not only can the Kinect recognize who is speaking, it can also determine what you are speaking. Speech recognition is used as a part of the control system and you can issue specific voice commands and the Kinect can understand and execute it. With this regard, the Wii is literally blind and deaf as it does not have either feature and all commands are processed though the motion of the remote and the buttons pressed.

Part of the benefits of facial and voice recognition, added to the Kinect’s ability to track up to 6 players, is multiplayer gaming. This means that you do not have to purchase multiple units of the Kinect just to play with your friends. Although multiplayer gaming is also possible with the Wii, you do need to have a controller for each player.


  1. The Wii is a complete gaming system while the Kinect is an accessory for the Xbox 360
  2. The Wii uses a wireless remote controller while the Kinect uses a camera
  3. The Kinect is able to recognize voice commands while the Wii cannot
  4. The Kinect has voice and facial recognition while the Wii does not
  5. You only need one Kinect for multiplayer gaming while you need multiple Wii remotes

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  1. It would be good to add what will happen to the players physically on hand controlers vs body control.

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