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Difference Between Apple iTouch 3G and 4G

Apple iTouch 3G vs 4G

Apple is quite fond of continuing their successful line of smartphones with incremental upgrades to the current model. One of these products is the iPod Touch, more commonly known as the iTouch, which is now in its 4th generation. So, let’s see how the latest version differs from its predecessor, the iTouch 3G. The first of many differences can be seen in the display. While it still has a 3.5 inch screen, like the iTouch 3G, its resolutions has been increased to 960×640; doubling both the height and width. Although this is not good enough for viewing movies in HD, it is still significantly better than low resolution of the iTouch 3G. The iTouch 4G also has better color reproduction as each pixel is represented by 24 bits, compared to the 18 bit depth on the iTouch 3G screen.

To complement the more detailed screen of the iTouch 4G, it also has an improved chipset. While older versions of the iTouch, including the iTouch 3G, used Samsung’s chips, the iTouch 4G was the first to use the A4 chipset designed by Apple. It featured a processor running at 800Mhz, 200Mhz faster than that of the iTouch 3G, and a more powerful GPU. Even the memory of the iTouch 4G has been doubled to 256MB. Increased processing power is needed for handling the screen and is very helpful in running newer apps.

With the iTouch 3G and older versions, cameras have been sorely absent. This has been remedied with iTouch 4G as it has two cameras. The front facing cameras is just VGA but that is quite the norm. Although the rear facing camera can shoot HD video, the resolution of the sensor is just enough for that. So for still photos, the iTouch 4G is very lacking.

Lastly, the iTouch 4G has a bigger battery. Rated at 930mAh, it has 17% more capacity than the 789mAh battery of the iTouch 3G. An even though some of the new parts of the iTouch 4G consumes more power, it provides 10 more hours of audio listening or an additional hour for viewing videos.


1.The iTouch 4G has a higher resolution screen than the iTouch 3G
2.The iTouch 4G has a more powerful chipset than the iTouch 3G
3.The iTouch 4G has two cameras while the iTouch 3G doesn’t have any
4.The iTouch 4G has a bigger battery than the iTouch 3G

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