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Difference Between HTC Sensation 4G and T-Mobile G2

HTC Sensation 4G vs T-Mobile G2

The HTC Sensation 4G and the T-Mobile G2 are both Android phones that have very different hardware. From the beginning it is clear that the Sensation 4G wins by a clear margin. The differences between the Sensation 4G and the T-Mobile G2 starts at the screen. The Sensation 4G screen is considerably bigger measuring 4.3 inches at the diagonal compared to just 3.7 inches for the G2. The much larger screen gives you way more content at once without needing to scroll too much.

Despite having a smaller display than the Sensation 4G, the G2 is thicker and heavier than the Sensation 4G. This is largely due to the inclusion of a landscape keyboard that slides to the side. The slide-out keyboard gives you the ability to type much quicker than when typing on an on-screen keyboard. It is very accurate as you can actually feel the boundaries of each button as well as the tactile feedback provided by each key press. You can also use an on-screen keyboard with the G2 for short text entries, so you don’t need to depend on the hardware keyboard all the time.

The Sensation 4G has is also equipped with a more advanced chipset that uses a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2Ghz. The G2 doesn’t even come close with its single-core processor that runs at a paltry 800Mhz. While the Sensation 4G is capable of running all modern Android apps, there are apps that would not run on the G2. But these are mostly games that need a lot of processing power.

When it comes to the cameras, the Sensation 4G is the clear winner with its 8 megapixel camera that is capable of recording 1080p videos. The G2 only has a 5 megapixel camera that is not able to record at 1080p, only at a lower 720p resolution. The VGA front-facing camera of the Sensation 4G may not seem like much. But when you compare it to the G2, which has none, it is certainly a lot better.

The Sensation 4G is the much better phone between the two. But if you really like to have a slide-out keyboard or if you routinely type long messages on your mobile phone, the G2 is the better option.


  1. The Sensation 4G has a much bigger screen than the G2
  2. The G2 has a slide-out keyboard while the Sensation 4G doesn’t
  3. The Sensation 4G has a more powerful processor than the G2
  4. The Sensation 4G has better cameras than the G2

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