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Difference Between iTouch 1G and iTouch 2G

iphone-dbiTouch 1G vs iTouch 2G

After developing the touch technology that was used in the creation of the Iphone, Apple utilized the same technology to come up with the Ipod Itouch. Apart from being able to play songs and videos which have been uploaded just like the conventional Ipod, the Itouch goes one step further by providing its users the ability to go online with a built-in Wi-Fi internet access capability, as well as the ability for you to enjoy playing a variety of video games.

While the Ipod Itouch 1G and 2G look very similar, and share the same storage capacities and features such as a multi-touch interface, and a USB 2.0 capacity, there are many differences in the features that these two Ipod Itouch models provide (apart from the obvious difference in their prices). One distinct difference, is that the Ipod Itouch 2G now comes with built in speakers, a feature that was absent in the 1G model. This means that people that own the Ipod Itouch 2G have the ability to enjoy listening to their favorite music, and watch videos with their friends, compared to the 1G model where you need to attach external speakers, or plug in a pair of headphones for you to hear the sounds that you are playing, or the dialogue in the video that you are watching.

In line with this, the Ipod Itouch 1G does not come with an external volume control located on the casing of the Ipod Itouch, unlike its 2G counterpart. With the Ipod Itouch 1G model, the only way that you are able to adjust the volume is through the screen that appears when you play your favorite tunes, or watch your favorite movies.

Another major difference between the Ipod Itouch 1G and 2G models, is the lifespan of their batteries. Despite the Ipod Itouch 2G model being a lot slimmer than the 1G model, it has a longer battery life than its earlier counterpart. The Ipod Itouch 1G provides users with 22 hours of battery life for audio, and 5 hours of battery life for watching videos. On the other hand, the Ipod Itouch 2G model provides its users with 36 hours of battery life to enjoy their favorite music, and 6 hours for video viewing. As such, users of the 2G model can enjoy using their Ipod Itouch for longer periods than the 1G model users.


1. Both the Ipod Itouch 1G and 2G models provide a wide variety of features, such as Wi-Fi capability, multi-touch interface and the ability to enjoy watching videos and playing video games.

2. The Ipod Itouch 1G does not have built in speakers. On the other hand, the Ipod Itouch 2G comes with built in speakers, as well as an external volume control, allowing you to share music and videos with friends and loved ones.

3. The Ipod Itouch 2G has a longer battery life when compared to the Ipod Itouch 1G; with the 2G model allowing 36 hours for audio, and 6 hours for video.

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