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Difference Between Blackberry Bold 9780 and Bold Touch 9900

Blackberry Bold 9780 vs Bold Touch 9900

Blackberry is one of the companies that are not very keen to change their established design. Despite this, the Bold Touch 9900, which is the replacement of the Bold 9780, introduces relatively drastic changes. The main difference between the Bold 9780 and the Bold Touch 9900 is the touch sensitive display to augment the controls. The display of the 9900 is also slightly larger by slightly less than half an inch to that of the 9780.

The 9780 uses the version 6 of Blackberry’s OS that is already tried and tested on many other phone models. The touch screen interface of the Bold Touch 9900 is made possible by the latest version of the Blackberry OS, which is version 7. Aside from the interface, it also adds a number of improvements and optimizations that should improve the overall experience.

The hardware of the Bold Touch 9900 has also been significantly improved. While the Bold 9780 has a 624Mhz processor, the Bold Touch 9900 has a 1.2Ghz processor. The significantly faster processor is what allows the Bold Touch 9900 to use the Blackberry OS 7 and use its new features.

One such feature is the ability to record HD quality video at 720p. The cameras of both phones have the same resolution and the HD recording is made possible by the increased processing power and the update to the latest OS version. Comparatively, the Bold 9780 is only capable of recording videos at a very low VGA resolution.

Lastly, memory is one area where older Bold models are found very lacking. The Bold 9780 is no exception with just 256MB of storage. This amount is too small that you cannot even expect to save a few songs, pictures, and videos on it. Fortunately, the Bold 9780 ships with 2GB of memory but that is still very small in today’s standard. With the Bold Touch 9900, Blackberry decided to catch-up a bit and include 8GB of internal memory and can be expanded with a memory card.


1.The 9900 has a touch sensitive display while the 9780 doesn’t
2.The 9900 screen is bigger than the 9780 screen
3.The 9900 uses version 7 of the Blackberry OS while the 9780 uses version 6
4.The 9900 is powered by a more powerful processor than the 9780
5.The 9900 is capable of recording HD video while the 9780 is not
6.The 9900 is equipped with way more internal memory than the 9780

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