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Difference Between Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm

blackberry-boldBlackberry Bold vs Blackberry Storm

Research In Motion or RIM has been developing newer and more contemporary models to keep up with the wants and needs of the younger market. The Blackberry Bold is RIMs flagship model that sports the very familiar Blackberry look. The Storm is a more recent model that was spurred by the introduction and dominance of the Apple iPhone. It is clear to see that the Storm focuses on form rather than function.

The most distinguishing feature of the Bold is the full QWERTY keyboard that is essential for quickly typing in text messages and emails. The Storm lacks a full QWERTY keyboard and relies on the touch screen interface for majority of the input needs including the navigation of menus and scrolling through windows. Navigation in the Blackberry Bold is done through the trackball or trackpad located in the middle of the device and acts like the trackpad on a laptop. The screen of the Bold is just a standard LCD screen.

Since almost half the size of the Blackberry Bold is occupied by the QWERTY keyboard and other navigation buttons, its screen is understandably smaller than that of the Storm. The Bold has a 2.8 inch screen compared to the 3.25 inch screen on the Storm. In this aspect, the Storm is a lot more flexible since you can use the space for the keyboard or use the whole screen as a display when you are watching a video.

The Storm also features a lot more recent technologies that enhance its capabilities. This includes accelerometers, light sensors, and proximity sensors. Accelerometers can detect whether the device is upright or on its side and reorients the screen accordingly. The Bold does was not intended to be used in landscape and this would be pointless. Ambient light sensors can detect how bright the surroundings are and adjust the brightness accordingly to save energy or to enhance visibility. Proximity sensors detect when you are holding the phone next to your ear. It turns off the display during a call to save energy then turns it back on as soon as you move it away from your ear.


1. The Bold is the flagship Blackberry model while the Storm is a more recent addition to the family.

2. The Storm lacks the hardware QWERTY keyboard present in the Bold.

3. The Storm has a touch screen display while the Bold’s screen is not touch capable.

4. The Storm is equipped with multiple sensors while the Bold is not.

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