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Difference Between Blackberry Torch 9800 and Torch 9860 (Monza)

Blackberry Torch 9800 vs Torch 9860 (Monza)

It is clear to everyone that Blackberry is already far behind in terms of the designs and features of their smartphones. Even Blackberry knows this, and they’ve been trying to play catch-up to avoid going the way of the dinosaur. The Blackberry Torch 9860, which was also referred to as the Monza, is just one of Blackberry’s attempts. It attempts to provide Blackberry with a phone that works well with a touch interface. The main difference between the Torch 9800 and Torch 9860 is, of course, the touch sensitive screen. The Torch 9800 relies on a QWERTY keyboard for fast text entry. When not needed, the keyboard is hidden behind the screen. One advantage of not having a QWERTY keyboard is it allows the designers to put in a bigger screen. This is also true with the Torch 9860 with a 3.7-inch screen; half an inch larger than the screen of the Torch 9800.

The touch-screen interface of the Torch 9860 is much better compared to previous attempts by Blackberry because of the new operating system. The version 7 of the Blackberry OS contains a number of improvements over its predecessor which you will find on older phones like the Torch 9800.

When it comes to features, the Torch 9860 has one prominent feature over the Torch 9800, and that is HD video recording. Even if 720p is the lowest HD resolution, it is still a lot better than the VGA resolution that you get with the Torch 9800. This is made possible by the faster processor in the Torch 9860. Running at 1.2GHz, the torch 9860 processor is twice as fast as the 600MHz processor on the Torch 9800. The faster processor not only allows HD video recording; it also opens up the possibility of running heavier applications like games.

Lastly, the removal of the keyboard reduced the thickness and weight of the Torch 9860. Although it is slightly longer to accommodate the larger screen, the Monza is more easily pocketed and easier to handle than the Torch 9800.


1.The Torch 9860 doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard like the Torch 9800 does.
2.The Torch 9860 runs on the latest Blackberry OS while the Torch 9800 doesn’t.
3.The Torch 9860 has a bigger screen than the Torch 9800.
4.The Torch 9860 is capable of recording in HD while the Torch 9800 cannot.
5.The Torch 9860 is equipped with a faster processor than the Torch 9800.
6.The Torch 9860 is slimmer and lighter than the Torch 9800.

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