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Difference Between Blackberry Dakota and Blackberry Bold 9780

Blackberry Dakota vs Blackberry Bold 9780

Before the release of any major phone update, there is always a buzz on the Internet on what it would and would not have. The update to Blackberry Bold 9780 is no exception. Also known as the Dakota, pre-production pictures and specs were leaked on the Internet. The Dakota is expected to feature a bigger 2.8-inch screen to the Bold 9780’s 2.44-inch screen. The screen resolution is also increased to VGA from the 480×320 screen resolution of the Bold 9780.

Aside from an increased screen, the Dakota is also expected to have more memory than the Bold 9780. RAM has been increased from 512MB to 768MB for better performance and to accommodate future programs with bigger memory needs. Storage space is increased 16 fold from a meager 256MB to a more acceptable 4GB. This should provide a bit of space for music, pictures, and video.

An increased memory is very welcome considering that the Dakota is able to shoot HD-quality video; although it would probably be at a bare minimum of 720p. The Bold 9780 is not capable of shooting HD-quality video despite having an identical 5 megapixel camera. Stills would more or less be of the same quality.

Lastly, the Dakota will be shipping with the newer Blackberry 6.1 OS. It is only slightly newer than the version 6.0 OS being shipped with the Bold 9780. So the differences are very minimal or non-existent for those who have updated already.

Keep in mind that these specs are not officially from Blackberry, and a lot of changes can happen before this handset hits the shelves. It may even be likely that the Dakota would feature the new Tablet OS of Blackberry that is reported to be replacing the aging Blackberry OS used by its smartphones today. The Tablet OS is based on QNX and is a totally different platform than the Blackberry OS.


1.The Dakota has a bigger screen than the Bold 9780.
2.The Dakota has more memory than the Bold 9780.
3.The Dakota will be able to function as a 3G hotspot while the Bold 9780 cannot.
4.The Dakota can record HD video while the Bold 9780 cannot.
5.The Dakota will be shipping with a newer version of the Blackberrry OS than the Bold 9780 ships with.

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