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Difference Between Blackberry Curve 9300 and Curve 9330

Blackberry Curve 9300 vs Curve 9330

The Curve 9300, and the subsequent Curve 9330 released just a month after, are two new additions to the entry level smartphones of Blackberry. The biggest difference between these two phones is their network as the 9300 is a GSM phone while the 9330 is a CDMA model. The choice in either one is probably up to your carrier as a carrier with a CDMA network won’t be offering a GSM model and vice versa. If you are getting a prepaid line or carrier is not that important for you, a GSM phone is the better choice as it is used in more areas of the world and roaming would not be a problem.

When it comes to the hardware, the two are almost identical and you probably won’t be able to tell one from the other with the distinctive markings removed. There is one piece of hardware that is different between the two though; memory. The 9330 is equipped with 512MB in both RAM and ROM while the 9300 only has 256MB each. ROM is used as a temporary storage for the CPU while doing computations and directly affects the speed and performance of the device while ROM is the storage where the applications are stored. Having more of both is always better and the 9330 is slightly better than the 9300 because of this.

Although both phones have the same 1150mAH battery, it is worth taking note that the 9300 is more energy efficient than the 9330. This is undoubtedly influenced by the network as there is little else that could affect it. The two can last roughly the same when it comes to phone calls but the 9300 can last for at least an additional 100 hours on standby. When playing music continuously, the 9300 can last for about 29 hours, which is almost double the 15 hour duration of the 9330 doing the same task.

With all that, both phones seem pretty even; with more memory on one side and longer battery life on the other. And for those who really care about the color of their phone, the 9300 is only available in black and red while the 9330 has one extra color pink.


1. The 9300 is a GSM phone while the 9330 is a CDMA phone
2. The 9330 has more memory than the 9300
3. The 9300 is more energy efficient than the 9330
4. The 9330 is available in Pink while the 9300 is not

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