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Difference Between HTC Thunderbolt 4G and HTC Desire HD

HTC Thunderbolt 4G vs HTC Desire HD

The Thunderbolt 4G and the Desire HD are two very similar phones. They both have the same processor, same screen sizes, same OS, and even share the same dimensions and weight. But the single most important difference between them is the transceivers that they come equipped with. The Thunderbolt 4G is a CDMA while the Desire HD is a GSM phone. GSM is the network of choice for the greater majority of the world while CDMA is used mostly in North America with the likes of Sprint and Verizon using it. Between the two, GSM seems to be the better choice as you can move from one network to another, something that is difficult to do on CDMA. It is also worth noting that the two are not compatible. So you can’t use the Thunderbolt on GSM networks or the Desire HD on CDMA networks.

Aside from that one major difference, the rest are relatively minor differences in terms of hardware. The first is the omission of a front facing camera on the Desire HD. This practically eliminates video calling, unless you fancy talking in front of a mirror so that the rear facing camera can capture your image. The Thunderbolt’s front facing camera isn’t really the best at just 1.3 megapixels but it serves its purpose well enough. The other difference is the reduced internal memory of the Desire HD. While the Thunderbolt has an acceptable 8GB of internal memory, the Desire HD has a barebones 1.5GB of storage space. This is slightly remedied by an 8GB microSD card that comes in the package. But when you consider that the Thunderbolt also ships with a 32GB microSD card, the gap in memory capacity is that much wider.

In the end, the two aren’t really direct competitors simply because they do not use the same network infrastructure. If you are on a CDMA provider, the Thunderbolt should be your choice and the same goes with the Desire HD and GSM providers. Still, regardless of which phone you get, the performance levels of the two are nearly identical.


1.The Thunderbolt is a CDMA phone while the Desire HD is a GSM phone
2.The Thunderbolt has a front facing camera while the Desire HD doesn’t
3.The Thunderbolt has more internal memory than the Desire HD

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