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Difference Between Blackberry OS 6 and Blackberry OS 6.1

Blackberry OS 6 vs Blackberry OS 6.1

Blackberry OS 6.1 is popularly known as the update that grew too big. It was initially a minor update to prominent Blackberry OS 6, but the list of changes kept growing and growing. Although it was initially known as Blackberry OS 6.1, Blackberry finally announced it to be Blackberry OS 7 during its release. For the sake of consistency, let’s keep referring to it as the Blackberry OS 6.1.

A couple of new features of the Blackberry OS 6.1 are HD video recording and NFC. HD video recording probably needs no further explanation as almost all smartphones nowadays offer it to some extent. NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a relatively new technology that aims to replace credit cards and only requires the user to bring his phone in close proximity to a sensor in order to pay for purchases. This feature is already featured in Google’s Android.

In terms of performance, Blackberry OS 6.1 did not skimp. The first improvement is in the interface. Called Liquid Graphics Interface, it is a major revamp of the antiquated interface of Blackberry OS 6. It also integrates touchscreen capabilities to make the experience more natural. The second improvement is in the web browser. The web browser of Blackberry OS 6.1 is considerably faster, powered by the better hardware needed by Blackberry OS 6.1. The new browser also incorporates new features like HTML 5, an improved Java engine, and more comprehensive support for features like “pinch” to “zoom.” Again, these features are already commonplace in other smartphones. So Blackberry OS 6.1 is just playing catch-up with the rest of the world.

Something worth taking note of is that Blackberry OS 6.1 does not offer legacy support. So only new devices are able to run this new operating system. Older devices that run Blackberry OS 6, even those that were released just prior to the new operating system, would not be able to update. This is surely not good news for those who’ve recently received their Blackberry.


1.Blackberry OS 6.1 is actually known officially as Blackberry OS 7.
2.Blackberry OS 6.1 is capable of HD video recording while Blackberry OS 6 cannot.
3.Blackberry OS 6.1 supports NFC while Blackberry OS 6 does not.
4.Blackberry OS 6.1 graphics is improved compared to Blackberry OS 6.
5.Blackberry OS 6.1 has an improved browser over Blackberry OS 6.
6.Blackberry OS 6.1 does not offer legacy support for devices running Blackberry OS 6.

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