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Difference Between Blackberry OS and Blackberry Tablet OS QNX

Blackberry OS vs Blackberry Tablet OS QNX

With many smartphone makers going with updated operating systems for their phones, RIM has also decided that it is time to replace its aging Blackberry OS. The proposed replacement is called the Blackberry Tablet OS which is based on QNX. Currently, the biggest difference between the two is that the Blackberry Tablet OS is essentially meant for tablets and not for smartphones like the Blackberry OS is. It may take a while before RIM irons out the kinks to make the Blackberry Tablet OS acceptable for its smartphones.

One advantage of the Blackberry Tablet OS is its purported backwards compatibility. They claim that it is able to run apps that were written for the Blackberry OS. Another supposed capability is the compatibility with Android apps. These capabilities are probably achieved via emulation of the respective operating systems on top of the Blackberry Tablet OS. If either or both of these claims are true, then the Blackberry Tablet OS surely has an advantage when it comes to choice of apps, but it is questionable if it is able to achieve full compatibility or if performance would be an issue.

Since the Blackberry Tablet OS is intended for tablets, the ability to browse the web in full is quite expected. It is also capable of running Flash applications within the browser. These features are absent in the Blackberry OS, and many users have been waiting for it in a Blackberry phone.

The biggest disadvantage with the Blackberry Tablet OS is its insatiable hunger for power. Undisclosed battery life on the Playbook has led to rumors that even with the bigger battery of a tablet, the Blackberry Tablet OS can’t manage acceptable durations. This is very problematic with smartphones which are expected to last for more than a day on a single charge. Slapping in a bigger battery is also not an option as it would greatly affect the looks of the device and the comfort of the user.


1.The Blackberry OS is for smartphones while the Blackberry Tablet OS QNX is for tablets.
2.The Blackberry Tablet OS QNX is able to run Blackberry OS apps but not the other way around.
3.The Blackberry Tablet OS QNX is able to run Android apps while the Blackberry OS cannot.
4.The Blackberry Tablet OS QNX supports Flash while the Blackberry OS doesn’t.
5.The Blackberry OS is more power efficient than the Blackberry Tablet OS QNX.

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