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Difference Between Blackberry z10 and Iphone 5

Blackberry z10 vs Iphone 5

Blackberry and Iphone can without a doubt be said to be the leaders of the smartphone market. With the intensified rivalry that has been seen in the marketplace, every company is trying to woo customers to their side. It is for this reason that Blackberry has come up with the ingenious product, the z10, while the most current gadget that Apple is retailing is the Iphone 5. What are the differences between these two phones that may stand out to the consumer? These differences are outlined below.


Regarding display, there are varying differences that are apparent between the Iphone 5 and the z10. The Iphone 5 comes with a four-inch LCD display which employs App’s retina technology to give more vivid images; this technology helps Iphone 5 to produce 326 pixels per inch on the screen. The Blackberry z10 on the other hand comes with a 4.2 inch display that is excellently designed to be able to produce up to 356 pixels per inch.

The Iphone 5 comes with an amazing Apple A6 dual core 1.3 GHZ processor while the z10 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus dual core 1.5 GHz processor. The graphics supported by the Iphone 5 use the PowerVR SGX543MP3, while the z10 uses the Adreno 225. The z10 comes with an operating Ram of 2 GB while the Iphone 5 has an operating ram of 1 GB.

When it comes to the allowed storage the challenge starts all over again. The Iphone 5 continues with its build of solid state phones, with no allowance of external expansion of the storage. The Iphone 5 thus comes with the 16 GB, 32 GB, and the 64 GB versions. The z10 on the other hand comes with a default internal memory of 16 GB but can be expanded to get to 64 GB through an SDXC memory card.

It is also quite important to review the battery specifications for these devices. The Iphone 5 comes with a 1440 mAh battery to run the phone while the z10’s battery is able to produce 360 more mAh than the Iphone 5, with its battery producing 1800 mAh.

When it comes to the camera, both the z10 and the Iphone 5 have been shown to come with stunning 8 MP cameras at the back; the quality of the shots, however, differs with the lighting of the location. The z10, when compared to the Iphone 5, tests better when taking shots in natural light, while the Iphone 5 takes superior photos when it comes to taking photos in low light intensity and even in the dark. On the front, the Iphone 5 comes with a 1.2 MP camera while the z10 has a 2.0 MP camera. Both of these cameras have been built to allow for 720 P recording.


Iphone 5 has a 4.0 inch display, producing 326 pixels per inch

The z10 comes with a 4.2 display, producing 356 pixels per inch

The Iphone 5 runs on an Apple A6 1.3 GHz dual core processor

The z10 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus 1.5 GHz dual core processor

The Iphone 5 has a 1 GB RAM while the z10 has a 2 GB RAM

The Iphone 5 has different storage capacities with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

The z10 comes with a standard 16GB storage capacity, but expandable up to 64GB.

The Iphone 5 and the z10 both have an 8 MP camera at the back with the Iphone 5 coming with a 1.2 MP camera at the front and the z10 coming with a 2.0 MP camera at the front.

The Iphone 5 has a 1440 mAh battery and the z10 has an 1800 mAh battery

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