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Difference Between Apple iPhone 4 and SnapDragon

Apple iPhone 4 vs SnapDragon

Although the iPhone is still the best selling smartphone with its latest version, the iPhone 4, there are a lot of new products that offer better features. Most of these new smartphones flaunt having something called the SnapDragon. The SnapDragon is actually a line of processors, and not a complete phone like the iPhone, which is the single most important component in any computer or smartphone. The reason why the SnapDragon is very popular is because of its excellent capabilities that can rival and even exceed the capabilities of the A4 processor found on the iPhone 4.

The biggest difference between the two is speed. The SnapDragon operates at a much higher frequency of 1Ghz with newer processors operating at up to 1.2,1.3, and even 1.5GHz. While the A4 processor of the iPhone can also reach clock speeds of 1Ghz, as demonstrated by the iPad, it is rumored that the A4 in the iPhone 4 is underclocked in order to reduce battery consumption and improve battery life. Apple has also created some shortcuts in order to avoid hitting performance issues, like the limited multi-tasking ability. New developments in the SnapDragon include a dual core version with each core running at whooping 1.5Ghz. This processor far exceeds the underclocked single core processor found on the iPhone. Although there are still doubts as to how this much power would translate in terms of power consumption and battery life.

As the A4 is proprietary to Apple and is only used on their products, a lot of Apple competitors like HTC, Sony Ericsson, Google, and LG have employed the SnapdDragon in some of their newer models. Because of the wide number of manufacturers who are employing the SnapDragon, it is also called upon to run different operating systems; Windows Mobile and Google Android to name two. The A4 is custom fitted to the iOS which is used with both the iPhone and iPad.


1. The iPhone 4 processor is clocked much lower than most SnapDragons

2. The iPhone 4 is a phone while the SnapDragon is a processor

3. The iPhone 4 uses a single processor architecture while new SnapDragons are using the dual processor architecture

4. The SnapDragon is commonly used by a lot of the iPhone’s competitors

5. The SnapDragon is used by phones that run WM and Android while the iPhone 4 only runs the iOS



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