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Difference Between the Jscripts and Java Scripts

Jscripts vs Java Scripts

The two dominant languages that are easily recognized by your computer device are the JavaScript and the Jscript. It is of respect to note that JavaScript has been in existence for longer as compared to the Jscript. It might not seem correct to state that what used to be known as LiveScript has been renamed to your present JavaScript. Jscript is an invention by Microsoft to actualize the ECMAScript designation while the JavaScript is the actualization of these specifications by the Mozilla. If you notice, the two are basically creations from the giant software companies to serve the same purpose. Each of the above languages has their shortcomings and merits and in this session we shall have a quick look at the major differences between these two inventions.


For starters, these two languages for scripting look the same and get the beginners confused but once they have in mind that these two are different languages, the easier they become to work out. You notice that Jscript has an additional number of commands and features present as compared to JavaScript. Furthermore, Jscripts hosts the interface for the Microsoft’s ActiveX Operation.

ActiveX Accessibility

Perhaps the biggest difference that does exist between the Jscript and the JavaScript is the way that these two programs do allow access to ActiveX. In the earlier versions, the Jscript and the JavaScript were so much similar in how they would have access to the Microsoft ActiveX, but the inclusion of modifications in additional commands supported by the Jscript that allow access to ActiveX. The new commands were intended for use on the intranet web pages where the configuration of all computers running on the internet explorer is known.

When working with the JavaScript, you notice that accessibility of ActiveX objects is limited to a small number of the JavaScript versions, while all versions of Jscript allow access to Active X objects


For many years, the sole use of the Jscript has to assist in the creation of active contents for WWW version of the internet world. Their applicability in this task has been backed by a significant amount of success and in fact over 60% of the web contents written today are of the Jscript language.

The JavaScript scripting language is put to purpose when creating and developing client and server applications. The JavaScript is ideal in these functions and its improvements and any major modifications have been based on this purpose and thus can be relied on.


The JavaScript needs not the Java language of Sun Micro system and can function independently while the Jscript is materialized on the Netscape’s JavaScript lines.


Jscript is a language that has been set apart from JavaScript so as to own its ECMAScript language while the Java Script is a newly developed language and has to be carefully laid down as per the pertaining rules so as to get the best result possible.


JScript has an additional number of commands and features present as compared to JavaScript.

The Microsoft’s ActiveX Operation interface is being hosted in the Jscript.

Few versions of JavaScript allow access to ActiveX objects while all versions for Jscript have access to ActiveX objects.

JavaScript is used in the creation and developing of the client and server application while the Jscript is used in the creation of online contents.

The JavaScript is independent of the Sun Micro System While the Jscripts is dependent of the Java language

Jscripts are a creation of the Microsoft while JavaScript is a creation of Mozilla.

JavaScript is entirely a new language developed while the Jscript does exist developed from JavaScript.

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  1. New programmers and non-tech people are confused between Java and JavaScript, but their only similarity is the word “Java”. Both are programming languages used in their way, and each has strengths over the other.
    Java is used for Android Apps, Enterprise Software, Scientific Computing Applications, Big Data Analytics, Java Programming of Hardware devices, Used for Server-Side Technologies like Apache, JBoss, GlassFish, etc. And JavaScript is used for Dynamic Single-Page Applications (SPAs), Front-End technologies like jQuery, AngularJS, Ember.js, ReactJS are based on JavaScript.
    I would really appreciate site for brief info.

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