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Difference Between HTC Gratia and HTC Legend

HTC Gratia vs HTC Legend

It seems like the only thing that is faster than the development of Android is the rate at which new phones are being released. The Gratia and the Legend are two models from HTC which are just seven months apart. The biggest difference between the two that was achieved in those intervening months is the new version of Android. Gratia is already shipped with Froyo (version 2.2) while the older Legend still has Éclair (version 2.1). This is not a permanent difference, though, as a Froyo update is already available for the Legend. It’s just a matter of having your phone updated to get the same set of features.

Another difference between the Gratia and the Legend is their screen. Despite having the same size and resolution, the two do not use the same type of technology. The Legend has a TFT display which is typical of many smartphones and older devices. On the other hand, the Gratia has an AMOLED display which is a newer technology that is still in limited production. An AMOLED display has several advantages over TFT including: lower power consumption, more vibrant display, and better viewing angles. Overall, the Gratia display is much better than that of the Legend.

The cameras of the Gratia and the Legend have the same resolution and are pretty much identical in every way. The Legend does have a small advantage, though, due to the LED flash. It can be used when taking stills just like a typical flash or as a steady light source when taking video. The LED flash should allow the Legend to take up-close stills and video in almost total darkness.

A difference between the two that doesn’t affect functionality at all is the body construction. The Legend has an aluminum unibody while the Gratia uses the typical plastics. Although having an aluminum body doesn’t contribute to the usability of the phone, it does add a certain level of elegance or luxury to the device. Both phones do look rock solid, though, and are pretty resistant to problematic fingerprints.


1. The Legend comes with Éclair preinstalled while Gratia has Froyo.
2. The Legend has an AMOLED display while the Gratia has a TFT display.
3. The Legend camera is equipped with a flash while the Gratia’s isn’t.
4. The Legend has a metal body while the Gratia uses plastics.

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