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Difference Between HTC Desire HD and HTC Sensation

HTC Desire HD vs HTC Sensation

Differences between HTC phones have become less and less as they begin to adopt the same hardware with just minor changes. A good example of this is the Desire HD and the Sensation. The two are very similar with just a single fundamental difference, the chipset. The Desire HD has a single core processor that was also used in other HTC products during its time. In contrast, the Sensation uses a dual core processor and a newer chipset.

The difference may not seem much but the effect on performance and usability is worlds apart. Having two cores that are clocked even higher, the Sensation easily outperforms the Desire HD. This is not easily apparent in normal use like calling and texting. The Sensation can flex its muscles with more demanding games, as well as browsing the internet. The Sensation is less prone to lags and can easily zoom in and out of pages without stuttering or taking time to render the page again. Scrolling around a page should also be seamless.

Aside from the effects of performance, the dual core processor of the Sensation allows it to record videos at the highest resolution of 1080p. The Desire HD is only able to record at 720p, not because its camera is unable to do so, but because the processor does not have the ability to process the images fast enough to be able to record smooth video.

When it comes to the other hardware, there are just two differences. The first is the lack of secondary camera in the Desire HD. The Sensation does have a secondary camera, which can be used for video calling. Another difference is the size of their respective batteries. The Sensation has a much bigger battery capacity, by about 290mAH. Despite having a larger battery, it seems that the Desire HD is able to match or do better than the Sensation. This is quite reasonable as the dual core processor would consume more power even when the phone is doing the minimum work.


1.The Desire HD has a single core processor while the Sensation has a dual core processor
2.The Desire HD can only record 720p video while the Sensation can record at 1080p
3.The Desire HD has no secondary camera while the Sensation does
4.The Desire HD has a smaller battery than the Sensation

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