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Difference Between HTC Sensation 4G and HTC Thunderbolt 4G

HTC Sensation 4G vs HTC Thunderbolt 4G

The Sensation 4G and Thunderbolt 4G, both from HTC might seem like very similar phones at first glance, but on further inspection we can see a number of differences that affect usability and performance. The most important difference between the Sensation 4G and the Thunderbolt 4G is the network they use. The Sensation 4G is actually a GSM phone while the Thunderbolt 4G is a CDMA phone. The two are not interchangeable, so you should check whether the telco you are on uses a CDMA or a GSM network. The easiest way to tell is by checking if your phone has a SIM card. If it does, then it is a GSM phone. If it doesn’t, then it is a CDMA phone.

Aside from the network, there is also a major difference in the hardware of the two phones. The Thunderbolt 4G uses a single core Scorpion processor, which is easily beaten by the dual core Scorpion processor on the Sensation 4G. Having a dual core processor greatly improves the performance of the Sensation 4G across the board. This becomes very obvious when you play demanding 3D games.

The difference in processor performance is also evident when you look at video recording. The Thunderbolt 4G is only able to record videos of up to a resolution of 720p; typical of smartphones that have a single core processor. In contrast, the Sensation 4G is able to record at the full 1080p resolution. This is not due to the cameras of both phones as they have identical cameras.

Lastly, the Sensation 4G is equipped with the latest version of HTC’s own interface known as Sense. It is currently in its third version. On the other hand, the Thunderbolt 4G only has Sense 2.0. It is yet to be known if the Thunderbolt 4G can be upgraded to Sense 3.0.

The gap between a single core processor and dual core processor is only apparent to those who use demanding applications like games. If you only use your phone for basic stuff like calling, messaging, and emails, you probably won’t benefit from that added power.


1.The Sensation 4G is a GSM phone while the Thunderbolt 4G is a CDMA phone
2.The Sensation 4G has a dual core processor while the Thunderbolt 4G doesn’t
3.The Sensation 4G is able to record 1080p videos while the Thunderbolt 4G cannot
4.The Sensation 4G has the latest version of HTC Sense while the Thunderbolt 4G doesn’t

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