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Difference Between HTC Evo and Nokia N8

HTC Evo vs Nokia N8

As many mobile phone companies have released new and powerful smartphones, Nokia has also released the N8 as one of its contenders. Comparing it to the HTC Evo, we’ll see that the N8 is just a 3G phone while the Evo is a 4G phone. 4G is supposedly able to provide faster data connections but it is not standard like 3G is and only a number of operators have it implemented. You should also consider that the N8 is a GSM compatible phone while the Evo is a CDMA compatible phone; and they are not interchangeable.

Another key difference is the operating system of the two phones. The N8 retains Nokia’s trademark operating system Symbian, while the Evo uses the much newer Android operating system from Google. Although both are excellent operating systems, they are not compatible and apps on Symbian would not work on Android and vice versa. So if you are tied to the much older Symbian system, better check before jumping over to Android.

In terms of hardware, both devices look very similar, with a huge touch screen display dominating the front. While the Evo has a bigger 4.3 inch screen, the N8 uses a 3.5 inch AMOLED display from Samsung. AMOLED is known to have better color reproduction and contrast; especially when under direct sunlight. It is then up to the user whether he wants a bigger or better screen.

It may be worth noting that the Evo has a 1Ghz ARM processor while the N8 ARM processor only runs at 680Mhz. Although the Evo has the faster processor, there are still a lot of factors that affect the overall speed of the device.

Lastly, for those who consider the phone’s camera as ver y important, the N8 may be a better choice as it is equipped with a 12 megapixel sensor compared to the 8 megapixel sensor on the Evo. But, both cameras are able to record 720p HD quality video recordings with the Evo being better as it records at 30fps compared to 25fps for the N8. 30fps is preferred for online videos as it converts down to 15fps much better than 25fps.


  1. The Evo is a 4G phone while the N8 is a 3G phone
  2. The Evo is CDMA compatible while the N8 is GSM compatible
  3. The Evo runs on Android while the N8 is on Symbian
  4. The Evo has a bigger screen than the N8
  5. The Evo has an LCD screen while the N8 has an AMOLED screen
  6. The Evo has a more powerful processor than the N8
  7. The N8 camera is much better than the Evo’s

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  1. Good looking appearance and internal configuration is also very good, thank you

  2. Your Number 6 is not true. The Evo has a FASTER processor than the N8 but the N8’s Broadcom GPU is more powerful than the Evo’s first gen Adreno GPU. CPU MHz mean nothing when the games and 3D UI are handled by the GPU. Also, the N8s Carl Ziess optics and Microphone enable better 720p capture than the Evo, not to mention the N8’s superior 3x digital zoom with the 3rd stage zoom using the full sensor resolution, a first for phone cameras.

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