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Difference Between Dell Venue and iPhone 4

Dell Venue vs. iPhone 4

The Venue is just another venture into the smartphone market from Dell. There really isn’t any new features that you would not already find in other handsets. So let’s compare it to the iPhone 4; undoubtedly, the most popular smartphone today. To start off, the Venue is a bit larger and heavier than the iPhone 4. The size difference can be easily attributed to the larger display on the Venue which has a 4.1-inch display compared to the iPhone’s 3.5-inch display. Dell also went with Samsung’s AMOLED display rather than TFT LCD which you would find on the iPhone 4. AMOLED is said to be better than TFT in many aspects including; clarity, thickness, and power consumption.

Something that Dell chose to forego is ample storage space. The Venue only has 1GB of ROM, and most of it would not be accessible to the user. In contrast, the iPhone 4 comes in 16GB and 32GB versions. The Venue is fully reliant on the microSD card slot for storage. This means that users are pretty much obligated to buy a memory card just to have media on their phone.

Dell has decided to go where the trend is heading and equip the Venue with a higher resolution 8 megapixel camera. Most phones currently have 5 megapixel cameras including the iPhone. The biggest effect of a higher-resolution camera is the ability to view it in higher-resolution displays or print it in large formats without distortion. In terms of picture quality, there shouldn’t be much of a difference.

The deciding factor between the Venue and the iPhone 4 is the operating system. The iPhone OS is exclusively for Apple products, but it has a large selection of apps and a very simple interface. The Venue is just one of the many Android phones on the market. Android is pretty much at par with the iPhone OS when it comes to apps and interface improvements. The main advantage of having an Android phone is its extremely fast development with new features being added every time. Android is also used by many different phone makers so there is healthy competition that is good for growth.


1. The Venue is slightly bigger and heavier than the iPhone 4.
2. The Venue has a bigger display than the iPhone 4.
3. The Venue has very little memory compared to the iPhone 4.
4. The Venue has a higher resolution camera than the iPhone 4.
5. The Venue runs Android 2.2 while the iPhone 4 has iOS.

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