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Difference Between HTC Desire S and HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire S vs HTC Desire HD

The Desire from HTC is a smartphone that has gone through a number of revisions in a matter of a couple of years. The latest versions include the Desire HD and the Desire S. When you examine the Desire S, you can easily deduce that it is simply a scaled-down version of the Desire HD. For starters, the Desire S is smaller than the Desire HD and even the weight is 20 per cent less.

Of course, a smaller frame limits the maximum size of the screen that you can put in. Compared to the 4.3-inch screen of the Desire HD, the Desire S sports a larger-than-average 3.7-inch screen. It also helps that the Desire S manages to retain other aspects of the Desire HD screen,including the 480×800 resolution and gorilla glass to protect it.

When we look at the cameras of the two, our deduction still holds true. Instead of the 8 megapixel snapper that you would find on the Desire HD, the Desire S only comes with a 5 megapixel camera. It may not be as good when it comes to stills, but it is at par when it comes to video recording. The Desire S partially makes up for its downgraded camera with the addition of a front-facing camera for video calling. It’s nothing to shout about but still much better than the Desire HD which doesn’t have any.

Both the Desire S and Desire HD were built with a minimal amount of internal memory that clearly won’t be enough. The Desire HD has a slight advantage because it ships with an 8GB memory card in the box. That is good for those who do not have any spare memory cards. However, for those who already own a number of memory cards, the reduction in cost is probably more desirable.


1.The Desire S is a scaled-down version of the Desire HD.
2.The Desire S is smaller and lighter than the Desire HD.
3.The Desire S has a smaller screen than the Desire HD.
4.The Desire S has a lower resolution camera than the Desire HD.
5.The Desire S has a secondary camera while the Desire HD doesn’t.
6.The Desire S does not ship with a memory card like the Desire HD does.

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