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Difference Between Motorola Cliq2 and Motorola MyTouch 4Grence

Motorola Cliq2 vs Motorola MyTouch 4G

The Cliq 2 and the MyTouch 4G are two smartphones from Motorola that runs on Android. They are pretty much identical in terms of what they can do but there are minor differences between the two that make either phone fit the preference of different users. The biggest difference between the two is the keyboard as the Cliq 2 has a slider mechanism that reveals a landscape full QWERTY keyboard. Although it doesn’t take advantage of the entire surface available, it is still significantly better than typing on a software keyboard; which is exactly what you do on the MyTouch 4G.

The downside of the QWERTY keyboard on the Cliq 2 is the added bulk and weight. The Cliq 2 is roughly 25% heavier and 50% thicker than the MyTouch 4G. If you do not like the added bulk and you are pretty comfortable on the soft keyboard, then the MyTouch 4G is probably the better choice for you.

The cameras of both phones are more or less identical but with minor differences. The Cliq 2 has dual LED flashes while the MyTouch 4G only has a single LED flash. Using two LEDS provide more light, which is a lot of help when there is very little light available. It doesn’t do much though when under adequate lighting. On the other hand, the MyTouch 4G is able to record 720p video while the Cliq 2 can only manage D1 resolution or 720×480 pixels. On the phone, videos taken by both phones would probably look the same but when viewed on a bigger screen, the difference would be clear.

Although T-mobile is quick to tag these phones as 4G, these are nowhere near that. These phones are only capable of HSPA speeds and HSPA is a 3G technology and is slower than WiMax and LTE. Both phones are quite excellent on their own but there is nothing that makes them significantly superior to other 3G phones.


1. The Cliq 2 has a QWERTY keyboard while the MyTouch 4G doesn’t
2. The Cliq 2 is heavier and bulkier than the MyTouch 4G
3. The Cliq 2 cannot record 720p video while MyTouch 4G can
4. The Cliq 2 has two LED flashes while the MyTouch 4G only has one
5. The Cliq 2

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