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Difference Between Nokia C7 CPU and Nokia 701 CPU

Nokia C7 CPU vs Nokia 701 CPU

With the introduction of the Nokia 701, Nokia seems to be sending mixed signals. On the outset, the Nokia 701 is the identical with the Nokia C7. One of the major differences between the Nokia C7 and the Nokia 701 is their CPU. While the C7 CPU is still the relatively underpowered 680Mhz, the 701 CPU has been significantly improved and clocks at a respectable, although still behind compared to other smartphones, 1Ghz. The 701 is also equipped with about twice the RAM that the C7 has, as well as an improved chipset with better GPU. All these improvements add up to a phone that has superior performance.

It seems that Nokia has major problems with how they will continue to compete as more and more phone makers move toward smartphones. At first, Nokia developed Symbian^3 and used it on the C7, then they announced that they will abandon Symbian in favor of Windows Phone 7. But now, they’ve continued development on Symbian with the latest version called Belle, which is found on the 701. The Belle OS features a number of enhancements that are too many too list. Simply put, the Symbian Belle is the polished and more refined version of Symbian.

A feature new to Symbian Belle, and thus present in the Nokia 701, is support for NFC. This promising technology is still in its infancy but may provide a new way of paying for products and services that does not involve cash. The C7 already has the hardware for this technology but lacks support in the older Symbian^3 OS. If it is possible to bring Symbian Belle to the C7, despite its underpowered hardware, then it will also be able to use NFC.

Although most of the hardware of the 701 is better or at least at par to that of the C7, there is one area where the C7 wins over the 701; the screen. The C7 used an AMOLED display, which provides the best contrast and viewing angles in modern displays. But, probably because of shortages in AMOLED displays, Nokia switched to an IPS display in the 701. It is still better than most displays but not as good as the AMOLED.


1.The Nokia 701 has a much faster CPU than the C7
2.The 701 has more RAM and a better chipset than the C7
3.The 701 uses the latest Symbian OS while the C7 doesn’t
4.The 701 has NFC support while the C7 doesn’t
5.The 701 uses an IPS screen while the C7 uses an AMOLED screen

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