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Difference Between Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and Nokia Symbian

Windows Phone 7 (WP7) vs Nokia Symbian

Comparisons between Windows Phone 7 and Symbian are quite in order as they are both closely interlinked with Nokia. Symbian, as many of us already know, was Nokia’s flagship operating system in their feature and smart phones. In recent days, Nokia has announced that it will stop using Symbian in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. This leads us to the question, why the sudden shift?

Windows Phone 7 is from Microsoft, a software giant. It was created to replace the very old Windows Mobile platform. It was purposely written from scratch to take advantage of new hardware and remove all the old patches and fixes that were added to provide better functionality. Because of this, Windows Phone 7 is faster and more efficient than Symbian. One of the newer hardware additions in recent years is the touch sensitive display. This is one area where Windows Phone 7 shows its superiority over Symbian.

Although the Windows Phone 7 is fairly new, it has gathered a lot of steam, and development is expected to continue as more hardware makers are adopting the OS. Nokia is the biggest phone maker who uses Symbian. And with the decision to go with Windows Phone 7, it has left Symbian with no clear phone maker behind it. This would probably result in the slower development of the OS.

Symbian was the biggest operating system for smartphones in the past. With the advent of the iPhone iOS and Android OS, it has upped the competition for both Symbian and Windows Mobile. Microsoft recognized the signs first and decided to stop development on Windows Mobile to pursue a new and improved OS for smartphones which was later known as Windows Phone 7. Symbian later followed with Symbian^3, but it was a case of too little too late. Symbian^3 was only featured in a couple of Nokia phones before the announcement of the partnership with Microsoft.


1.Windows Phone 7 is Nokia’s future while Symbian is its past.
2.Windows Phone 7 is purposely built for new hardware while Symbian isn’t.
3.Windows Phone 7 is optimized for touch screen devices while Symbian is not.
4.Windows Phone 7 is continually developing while Symbian is basically at a standstill.

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