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Difference Between Rooted and Unrooted Android Phones

Rooted vs Unrooted Android Phones

The discussion is about differences in the rooted and unrooted Android phones. There are lots of differences between both these types which will be discussed in the discussion.

The rooting of an Android device is gaining control of the root menu where the ROM is built for the device. We can also gain the complete control of the device and we can get the full backup of data but the unrooted devices are the devices that are manufactured, and an upper layer is built on top of the ROM to make it company specific like Samsung, HTC, etc.

The rooting allows us to install applications from the market which are not compatible or not allowed to work in the device, but in an unrooted device we cannot install those applications easily as with a rooted device.

In a rooted device we can add as many OS as possible since we have the ROM control so we can flash it and can have more than one OS. In the unrooted devices we cannot have more than one OS since we can update only when the manufacturer has issued an update because the OS is original whereas in the rooted devices it is pirated.

A rooted device is no longer applicable for warranty and original updates from the manufacturer, as the OS is now cracked but the unrooted phones can be updated as of the manufacturer’s issue of updates for the device.

Care should be taken while rooting a device because if it goes wrong we cannot get the device back into the original state, and by rooting a device we are making the OS and the ROM unstable.

In rooted devices we can also increase the battery life by memory management of the device, but the genuine OS is no longer available.
Lots can be done by rooting a device, but care should be taken since if something goes wrong the device is no longer in use.

To summarize the discussion:

Rooting can give the user full access control
Multiple OS can be switched in the rooted device
Updates are not available in the rooted device but unrooted devices are subjected to updates
Any applications can be installed in rooted devices and battery life is enhanced in the rooted device
Backup can be taken in the rooted device based on our needs
Unrooted devices are genuine devices
Rooting can cause the ROM to become unstable

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