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Difference Between Android and Brew

Android vs Brew

Android is one of the most popular smartphones operating systems nowadays and most tech-savvy people need no introduction to it. On the other hand, Brew is also an operating system for phones but is relatively obscure. The main difference between Android and Brew is the intended device as Android is intended for smartphones and even tablet computers while Brew is intended for simpler phones.

The company behind Android is Google, a huge software company that has fueled the rapid development and adaptation of the platform. What’s more of a surprise is the company behind Brew; Qualcomm. Qualcomm is a hardware manufacturer that is quite famous for their processors that are used in many smartphones, among other things.

One of the many advantages of Android is the number of applications that a user can choose from. Android almost has 150,000 applications in its Android market; some of them are free while others are available at a price. In comparison, Brew only has 18,000 applications; relatively limited when compared to Android. All Brew applications are for sale, so don’t expect to find free apps.

With all the things stated above, you’d expect that Brew is another new entry to the phone operating system melee, but you’d be wrong. While Android is only a couple of years old, Brew has been around for over 9 years. Brew has been used in many different phones from different manufacturers. The reason why Brew has gone under the radar for so long is the lack of branding on phones that used it. The branding on Brew phones is often of the carrier or the company behind the phone. There is also no mention of Brew in most cases. Android phones carry some sort of Android branding in one form or another; whether it be the name or the green robot, which is its mascot/logo. Phone manufacturers and telecoms are also keen on marketing the Android name as it would clearly indicate that the unit is a smartphone.


1. Android is for smartphones while Brew is for regular phones
2. Android is from Google while Brew is from Qualcomm
3. Android has a lot more applications than Brew
4. Android is relatively young compared to Brew
5. Android phones are easy to spot while Brew phones are not

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