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Difference Between Samsung Galaxy Ace and Apple iPhone 4

Samsung Galaxy Ace vs Apple iPhone 4

With more and more Android smartphones appearing in the market today, they are beginning to cover a broader price range. With the iPhone virtually stuck at a single price point, let’s see how the latest version of the iPhone compares to a relatively inexpensive Android phone like the Galaxy Ace. Of course, the main difference between the two is the operating system. Android is getting better all the time and offers a generally standard experience across different devices.

One area where the iPhone 4 clearly wins over the Galaxy Ace is in resolution. While the two phones have identically sized screens, the iPhone 4 has a 640×960 resolution. This is significantly more than the HVGA resolution that you get on the Galaxy Ace. Resolution is not really that significant with small devices and some people cannot really distinguish the difference. But, there are some people who really notice and appreciate the difference.

The cameras of the iPhone 4 and Galaxy Ace are seemingly the same as they both have 5 megapixel sensors. The difference between the two is quite clear when you delve into video recording. The iPhone 4 is able to record 720p, not the absolute highest but at par with what you’d expect a smartphone would have. In contrast, the Galaxy Ace can only record at QVGA resolution. This is very low even when compared to what most feature phones are capable of. The Galaxy Ace also lacks a front facing camera, which eliminates the possibility of video calling. The iPhone 4 does have a front facing camera but video calling is limited only to FaceTime when connected to a WiFi connection.

The Galaxy Ace is slightly thicker than the iPhone 4. Despite this, it still manages to shave some weight off; weighing almost 20% less than the iPhone 4. There’s not much difference in size though.

As a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 4, the Galaxy Ace is pretty much a good deal. Although it is quite lacking in some respects, it still gets the basic job done.


1.The Galaxy Ace is an Android phone while the iPhone 4 runs on iOS
2.The iPhone 4 screen has a higher resolution than that on the Galaxy Ace
3.The iPhone 4 can record in HD while the Galaxy Ace cannot
4.The iPhone 4 has a front facing camera while the Galaxy does not
5.The Galaxy Ace is lighter than the iPhone 4

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