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Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone 4

Samsung Galaxy S vs Apple iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 and Galaxy S are pretty evenly matched smartphones. They are roughly the same size and weight, and their features are more or less at par with each other. The most noticeable difference between the Galaxy S and the iPhone 4 is the size of their screens. The Galaxy S has a bigger 4-inch screen compared to the iPhone 4’s 3.5 inch screen. But the differences don’t end there as the Galaxy S has a Super AMOLED display while the iPhone 4 has Apple’s retina display. The retina display is just an LCD display but has an extremely high resolution.

When it comes to the cameras, the two are quite evenly matched. In actual use, the shots taken might differ but not enough to be significant. There is a major difference, though, when it comes to video calling as the iPhone 4 can only do it when connected via WiFi and only with other Facetime capable Apple products. The Galaxy S follows the 3G video calling standard and can do so via WiFi or 3G and with any video calling capable handset not just other Samsung phones.

A minor feature that the Galaxy S has over the iPhone 4 is the FM radio for picking-up local radio stations. You can only listen to Internet radio with the iPhone 4 which requires a broadband connection. Memory is also another aspect where the two differ. The iPhone 4 has 16GB and 32GB versions but has no room for expansion. On the other hand, the Galaxy S only has 8GB and 16GB versions but the microSD card slot can accommodate another 32GB.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the iPhone runs iOS while the Galaxy S has Google’s Android. At this point, it is simply down to preference, though, as the two operating systems are pretty much at par in terms of performance and app availability. If you like a certain app on the Galaxy S, chances are you would find a similar app on the iPhone 4 and vice versa.


1.The Galaxy S screen is bigger than the iPhone 4 screen.
2.The Galaxy S can do video calling via WiFi or 3G while the iPhone 4 can only do it via WiFi.
3.The Galaxy S has an FM radio while the iPhone 4 doesn’t.
4.The iPhone 4 has more memory, but the Galaxy S has a memory card slot.
5.The iPhone 4 runs iOS while the Galaxy S runs Android.

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