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Difference Between iPhone 4G and Samsung Vibrant

iPhone 4G vs Samsung Vibrant

The iPhone 4, which is now considered to be the king of the smartphone hill, has had a few challengers and the Samsung Vibrant is one of the better ones. The Samsung Vibrant is just another version of the original Samsung Galaxy S, so their specs would be very similar to each other. First difference between the iPhone 4 and the Vibrant is the number of apps that they currently have. Since the iPhone 4 is running the iOS that has been around for quite some time and used by other Apple devices, it has a lot more apps than Android, which is the operating system of the Vibrant. This is expected to become less of factor as more people are programming for the Android.

As with the Galaxy S, the Vibrant has a 4 inch screen, which is much bigger than the 3.5 inch screen on the iPhone. Although the iPhone has the higher resolution, the bigger screen size is still more important. The Vibrant only has 16GB of internal memory while the iPhone comes in either a 16GB version or a 32GB one. Even though the internal memory of the vibrant is just equal to the lower capacity iPhone, its memory card slot means that you can insert a 32GB microSD card to expand your storage capacity. The iPhone lacks any card slot and the user is stuck with the amount of memory his unit has from the start.

An addition in the iPhone 4 is the front facing camera that allows for video calls but for Wi-Fi connections only. The Galaxy S had the same front facing camera that allows for video calls over 3G but it has been removed in the Vibrant; thus, the Vibrant does not have any video calling capabilities.

Lastly, the Vibrant is exclusive to T-Mobile but you do have the Galaxy S and its other variants when you are not subscribed to T-mobile. Although the iPhone is also available for subscription under different telephone companies in the world, you can still get an unlocked version from the Apple store and use it on whatever carrier you like.

1. The iPhone has more apps than the Vibrant
2. The Vibrant has a bigger screen than the iPhone 4
3. The Vibrant can have more memory than the iPhone 4
4. The Vibrant has a user replaceable battery while the iPhone 4 does not
5. The Vibrant does not have a front facing camera like that of the iPhone 4
6. The Vibrant is exclusive to T-mobile while you can purchase unlocked iPhones from Apple

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  1. While the Vibrant is exclusive to T-Mobile, you can purchase “unlocked” Vibrants as well. The Vibrant can work on AT&T service, as the Samsung Captivate (AT&T’s Galaxy S offering) can also be unlocked & used on T-Mobile.

  2. would you happen to know what types of screens the two have? that would be good for the comparison, there are a lot of advantages to the samsung super amoled tech that apple’s (LG’s) “retina” tech is just not capable of. its not really just about size and/or resolution when comparing these two screens.

  3. Very informative and good suggestions.
    Thanks so much.

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