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Difference Between Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo vs Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

The Xperia Neo and Xperia Arc are two new additions to the most successful smartphone line of Sony Ericsson. These are high-end offerings that offer the best features but at a higher price. The main difference between these two phones is the size of their screens. The Arc has a huge 4.2 inch screen while the Neo has a more reasonable 3.7 inch screen. Aside from the difference in size, these two screens are practically identical.

As you may already have expected, the Xperia Arc is taller and wider than the Xperia Neo; just to accommodate the bigger screen. What you would not expect is the fact that the Xperia Arc is much thinner than the Xperia Neo; while the Neo is 13mm thick, the Arc is only 8.7mm thick. So if you like big screens but do not want the pocket bulge that is often associated with it, the Arc fits right in your criteria.

One advantage that the Neo has over the Arc is its front facing camera. The front facing camera can also take pictures but its main function is for video calling. The Arc lacks a front facing camera, so video calls are out of the question. For the Arc, it has additional memory; not the type where you store your files, but the type used by processor to store data. This is called RAM and while the Neo has 320MB of it, the Arc has 512MB. More RAM allows the device to have more applications running at the same time. It would also allow the device to perform smoothly even under load.

Finally, both phones are pretty good and either one should cover your smartphone needs. It is worth noting though that the Neo is slightly cheaper than the Arc; by about $100 or so. If you prefer a much bigger screen, then the Arc is probably best for you. But if you are fine with the Neo’s smaller screen, then you can save yourself quite a bit.


1. The Arc has a much bigger screen than the Neo
2. The Arc is bigger but thinner than the Neo
3. The Neo has a front facing camera while the Arc doesn’t
4. The Neo has slightly less memory than the Arc
5. The Neo is slightly cheaper than the Arc

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  1. I think your article has got one bit of information wrong, The NEO comes with the same 512MB RAM as the ARC, i don’t know if it was originally supposed to come with 320 and later came with 512 but as of now the NEO comes with 512MB ram. so the only difference between the two phones is really the display size which is bigger on the ARC and the front facing camera on the NEO which the ARC doesn’t have.

    • im am just after buying the xperia neo and i use the go task manager ….but for some reason it shows that I on have 320 mb of ram in total ….with about 150 available to use …so im wondering is there a problem with my neo or is. there ram locked that will be increased to 512 with a software update ?

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