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Difference Between Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and Xperia Arc

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 vs Xperia Arc

It seems like Sony Ericsson is falling a bit behind the competition in terms of new and improved features with their smartphones. Xperia Arc, although quite an improvement over the Xperia X10, doesn’t really match up to the latest offerings from other companies like Samsung, Motorola, and the like. The first difference you would notice between the Arc and X10 is the larger screen. Actually, the increase in size isn’t that impressive as it is just 0.2 inches. But because Sony Ericsson was able to shave roughly a third of the thickness off, it makes the screen look a bit more massive. Aside from that, the Arc also shaves a bit of the weight; weighing 18 grams lighter than the X10.

Sony also improved the screen of the Arc by including technology from their other products. The Bravia Mobile Engine is derived from Sony’s TV technology and allows the X10 to outperform its contemporaries’ screens, even more so the Xperia X10. Although, viewing angles seem to be a problem with the Arc.

While the Arc still uses a 1Ghz processor, it uses a newer chipset that may offer a bit of a performance gain. What is sure to impact performance is the increase in RAM from the X10’s 384MB to a more acceptable 512MB. Unexpectedly, Sony Ericsson reduced the amount of internal memory from 1GB in the X10 to a mere 320MB. This won’t probably be a problem since the Arc ships with an 8GB memory card, and Android is now capable of installing apps to memory cards.

The camera on the Arc still has the same resolution as that on the X10 but it adds HD video recording. Although it is just 720p, it is still better than the wide VGA recording resolution of the X10. An FM radio has also been added to the Arc. While not really essential or very important, it does add to the list of things you can do on your mobile phone.


1.The Arc screen is slightly larger than the X10 screen.
2.The Arc is thinner and lighter than the X10.
3.The Arc screen is powered by a Bravia Mobile Engine while the X10’s isn’t.
4.The Arc has reduced ROM while the X10 has the opposite.
5.The Arc is capable of HD video recording while the X10 isn’t.
6.The Arc has an FM radio while the X10 doesn’t.

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