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Difference Between Blackberry Playbook and Amazon Kindle Fire

Blackberry Playbook vs Amazon Kindle Fire

Blackberry and Amazon are two late comers when it comes to the tablet market with the Playbook and the Kindle Fire. One product became very successful while the other was a dud. The main difference between the Playbook and the Kindle Fire is the operating system. Amazon decided to adopt the very successful Android platform, which is also used by other manufacturers like Samsung and Sony. On the other hand, Blackberry aimed to develop an exclusive platform just like Apple did and developed their own operating system called the Blackberry Tablet OS.

When it comes to the hardware, there are only a few notable differences. The first one is in the cameras. Blackberry decided to include a couple of very capable cameras; a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera and 3 megapixel front-facing camera. The Kindle Fire doesn’t have any camera at all. The loss of the rear-facing camera isn’t really that important as most people would probably not use a large tablet to shoot photos. But the lack of a front-facing camera eliminates the ability for video calling.

Another feature that the Playbook has and the Kindle Fire doesn’t is Bluetooth. This means that you can’t pair Bluetooth headsets or Bluetooth keyboards with the Kindle Fire, or even send files to or from your laptop or cellphone. It is quite an important omission that is probably the biggest drawback to the Kindle Fire. It is also worth noting that the Kindle Fire has way less internal memory than the Playbook since it comes with only 8GB. The Playbook comes in 3 models with 16GB being the minimum, and the other models featuring 32GB and 64GB.

Blackberry seems to have missed the mark in aiming to develop and iPad killer. Both the price and the OS did not match the expectations of customers. Amazon’s Kindle Fire may be strapped in features but its very low price made up for it. You get 90% of a tablet’s functionality at a third of the price of an iPad, and less than half of most of its competitors.


  1. The Playbook has its own OS while the Kindle Fire uses the very popular Android platform
  2. The Playbook has two cameras while the Kindle Fire doesn’t have any
  3. The Playbook has Bluetooth while the Kindle Fire doesn’t
  4. The Playbook comes with more memory than the Kindle Fire

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