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Difference Between Blackberry Playbook and Sony Tablet S

Blackberry Playbook vs Sony Tablet S

The Blackberry Playbook and the Sony Tablet S are respective attempts of Blackberry and Sony to break into the tablet market. The main difference between the Blackberry Playbook and the Sony Tablet S is their size as it follows the popular 7 inch format, which makes it much lighter and smaller. In comparison, the Sony Tablet S is closer to the form factor of the iPad with its 9.4 inch screen. Bigger screens give you more space so you can distance yourself a bit from the screen while a smaller screen makes a device easier on the arms and more portable.

The rear-facing cameras of the two have the same 5 megapixel sensor. But, only the Playbook is capable of recording the full 1080p video resolution. The Sony Tablet S, despite having a comparable camera and comparable processor, is only capable of 720p video recording; although, this may be patched in the future. In the front-facing camera, the Blackberry Playbook also has the edge as it has a 3 megapixel camera compared to the 0.3 megapixel camera of the Sony Tablet S. The higher resolution makes the camera suitable for taking pictures; self-portraits and vanity shots are probably what it will be used for.

The biggest drawback for the Blackberry Playbook is probably its OS, the Blackberry Tablet OS. It may have comparable functionality with the Android OS but it has a much smaller user base. This makes software developers hesitant to port their respective apps to the newer OS. So if you like apps, then you probably shouldn’t go with the Blackberry Playbook as the pickings would be rather slim. Majority of software developers target the iOS and Android markets.

In the end, and even though their hardware are quite different, it is the OS and the apps that count. This is the reason why the Playbook largely failed despite the huge price cuts that Blackberry implemented.


  1. The Sony Tablet S is bigger and heavier than the Blackberry Playbook
  2. The Sony Tablet S has a bigger screen than the Blackberry Playbook
  3. The Blackberry Playbook is able to record at 1080p while the Sony Tablet S can only manage 720p
  4. The Blackberry Playbook has a higher resolution front-facing camera than the Sony Tablet S
  5. The Blackberry Playbook doesn’t use Android like the Sony Tablet S does

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