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Differences Between Blackberry Playbook Tablet and Kindle Fire

Blackberry Playbook Tablet Vs Kindle Fire

The tablet market has intensified with different companies rivaling to offer superior products affordably, and products that appeal to the market. From two the makers of these tablets come the Blackberry Playbook and the Kindle Fire. The Blackberry Playbook comes from the manufacturers Research in Motion (RIM) who have had a rather successful stint in the production of business phones through the Blackberry flagship. The Playbook is the initial entrant of Blackberry into the tablet market. On the other side is Kindle Fire, a product that has been created by giant Amazon, seeking a slice of the business that is the tablet market.  Below are the differences that can be observed when comparing the two devices to each other.


The Amazon Kindle Fire comes with a 7 inch LCD display with tough gorilla glass coating that guarantees that it is very difficult for the screen to get scratched. The resolution of the Kindle comes at 800 x 1280 pixels per inch.  To improve efficiency, the Kindle comes with a laminated touch sensor that has been shown to cut the glare caused from the screen by up to 25% while at the same time improving color and contrast, depending on the different viewing angles that may be present.

The general features of the Playbook on the other hand are that it is slightly smaller than the Kindle, still with a seven inch display but also coming with a multi-touch capacitive screen.  The resolution of the screen of the playbook is at 600 x 1024 and this is able to generate 170 pixels per inch.

The weight of the Kindle Fire HD is at about 394 grams while that of the Playbook comes in at about 425 grams.  The respective dimensions on the other hand have the Kindle Fire HD coming in at 193 x 137 x 30 mm while those of the Playbook differ slightly, coming in at 194 x 130 x 10mm.

The Kindle Fire employs an Android operating system, using the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version. This is a big letdown as most other rivaling devices are on Android 4.1 Jelly bean. The Playbook on the other hand operates using the Playbook 2.0 Software which is a preserve of RIM. An outstanding difference that can be noted about this software from its predecessor is that it is indeed a native email client as it carries a unified box having different tabs and a text editor.

The Fire HD comes with a Texas Instrument processor, which is a dual core processor that produces 1.2GHz. On the other hand, the processor used by the Playbook also comes from Texas Instrument, but is a dual core a9 Cortex processor that comes with a PowerVR graphics unit embedded in it.

Regarding cameras, the Kindle Fire HD has a front facing camera which is specially targeted for video calls. It also comes with a custom Skype app that is suited for video calls. This is the first tablet with which Amazon has brought the camera forward. On the Playbook, there are two cameras. One of these is a front facing megapixel camera which offers 3 megapixels and at the back is a 5 megapixel camera.

Both the Fire HD and the Playbook offer a Wi-Fi connection Bluetooth as well as Near Field communication to enhance connectivity. The battery of the Playbook is a 5300mAh battery that RIM has already shown can stand up to 10 hours of continuous use. The battery life of the Kindle HD is claimed to be standard without any clear indication of what type of battery it runs on.

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