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Difference Between Blackberry Playbook and Samsung Galaxy S Tablet

Blackberry Playbook vs Samsung Galaxy S Tablet

Aside from the iconic iPad tablets, the Samsung Galaxy S Tablets are probably the most popular ones today. With the field already set, let’s see how the Blackberry Playbook fair with the competition. The biggest difference between the Blackberry Playbook and the Galaxy S Tablets is size, or the choices in size. The Playbook comes in a single 7 inch version, which may not be large enough for some people. Samsung also offers the Galaxy S Tablet at the 7 inch form factor, but also provides choices in the form of the 7.7 and 10.1 inch models. If you are after a larger screen, then the Galaxy S Tablet is the way to go.

Another major difference between the Blackberry playbook and the Samsung Galaxy S Tablet is the operating system. The Galaxy S Tablets use the popular Android platform, which has grown to a very mature OS in just a couple of years. In contrast, Blackberry went with their own operating system called Blackberry Tablet OS, in the hope of creating a captive market just like how Apple has captured theirs. But the Playbook has a steep climb ahead of it because of lack of third party developers that are willing to dive into the new platform. With most developers already creating software for Android and iOS, it is not very likely that they will go for a third. The growth of the Blackberry Tablet OS is also very sluggish when compared to Android, which releases a couple of major versions every year.

In terms of hardware, if you discount the size differences, there is only one major difference between the Playbook and the Galaxy S Tablets; and that is the availability of cellular connectivity. All Galaxy S Tablets have WiFi, but some models also include a cellular modem at a higher cost. This lets you connect to the internet as long as you have a cellular signal. The lack of a cellular modem in the Blackberry Playbook means that you are restricted to WiFi hotspots to enjoy online activities like web surfing and the like.


  1. The Playbook is a 7 inch tablet while the Galaxy S Tablet is available in a variety of sizes
  2. The Playbook uses Blackberry’s own OS while the Galaxy S Tablet uses Google’s Android
  3. There is no cellular connectivity option for the Playbook while some Galaxy S Tablets have them

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