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Difference Between the Blackberry Playbook and the Dell Streak

Blackberry Playbook vs Dell Streak

The Blackberry Playbook and the Dell Streak are two of the less popular tablets that you can purchase on the market. The advantage of getting a not-so-popular tablet is they often have reduced prices, giving you more bang for your buck. There are only a few differences between the Blackberry Playbook and the Dell Streak, and the biggest one is the operating system. The Streak went with the very popular Android OS while the Playbook has Blackberry’s own Tablet OS. Blackberry’s OS can run older Android apps but not the latest ones. But the lack of Playbook-only apps means it is still better to go with the Streak.

Another difference between the Playbook and the Streak is in their cameras. For starters, the Playbook is able to take 1080p videos at 30fps. The Streak is capable of taking HD videos at the same frame rate but only with a lower resolution of 720p. With the front-facing camera, the Streak went with a lowly 1.3 megapixel sensor, quite acceptable given that the front-facing camera is used mostly for video calling and for vanity photos. On the other hand, the Playbook went with a much higher 3 megapixel sensor, which is also capable of taking 1080p videos.

Aside from those differences, there are also a set of minor differences between the Playbook and the Streak. In storage capacities, the Playbook gives you options with models sporting 16, 32, and 64 gigabyte models. The Streak only comes in a single model with 16GB of storage capacity. But it also has a microSD card slot, giving you the ability to expand the storage space up to 32GB. Then there’s HDMI connectivity; the Playbook has it while the Streak doesn’t. With the correct cable, you can connect your Playbook to your HDMI-capable TV or computer monitor. This feature is very convenient when playing back videos for many people, especially when you consider that you can take 1080p videos with the Playbook.


  1. The Playbook runs on Tablet OS while the Streak runs on Android.
  2. The Playbook has a higher resolution front-facing camera than the Streak.
  3. The Playbook is able to record at 1080p videos while the Streak is only able to record at 720p.
  4. The Playbook comes in various capacities while the Streak only has one.
  5. The Playbook has a micro HDMI port while the Streak does not.

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