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Differences Between Cotyledon and Endosperm

Cotyledon vs Endosperm

Plants play a very important role in our lives. We may not seem to think so, in this undoubtedly busy lifestyle we currently live in. This is why many environmentalists constantly make sure that people are aware of the global warming, the need to constantly plant trees, and many environmental acts that we get to hear about not just on TV, on news, and even now, on the internet. If you see politicians making sounds, one of the acts that they do to promote their name is tree-planting projects, and this is because the need to get the votes of environmental groups is high. So why should there be a need to learn about plants, the flora and fauna of the plant world? DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HYBRID AND GM SEEDS

If you are quite knowledgeable about plants and biology, then you might be able to give a good definition of what a cotyledon is or what an endosperm is, then again what about others who may have met these terms when they were still in their elementary years? To help in giving you a better idea on what these terms are, this article aims to help you understand and hopefully, differentiate what these terms are and what they refer to.

What is a Cotyledon?

It is a part of the seed that possesses the young plant organs. The flowering plant is characterized by the number of cotyledons present. If one cotyledon is present, it is called a monocotyledon, hence the term ‘monocot.’ If two embryonic leaves are present, it is called a dicotyledon, hence the term ‘dicot.’ There are some instances when dicot seedlings have cotyledons that are photosynthetic, which means that the cotyledon would act ‘like’ a leaf, and help in the production of food and ensuring that the necessary nutrients from the sun is sent to the rest of the parts of the plant, until the ‘true’ leaves come out and function as it should.

One of the main purposes of the cotyledons is to provide nutrition to the developing embryo within the seed of the plant.

What is an Endosperm?

An endosperm, on the other hand, is the tissue that is produced inside the seeds of most flowering plants. The endosperm surrounds the embryo. It is basically the food storage for the seed.

Differences Between the Cotyledon and the Endosperm:

Endosperms are found in monocots, while cotyledons can be found in dicots.
The developing embryo gets its nutrients from the endosperm, while the young seedling gets its nutrition from the cotyledons.
Endosperm is not photosynthetic, while cotyledons are.
An endosperm gives nutrition for the young seedling, while a cotyledon gives to the developing embryo.

With these differences, it should now be easier and more uncomplicated for one to be able to determine and distinguish a cotyledon from an endosperm. When looking at a cotyledon, you would know that this is more within the seed, or should you be faced with a cotyledon, you would know that you are looking more or less at the outer shell or casing of a seedling.

While the plants should be in their early stages for you to be able to clearly see any of these parts of the plant, it should be an easy enough for you to be able to determine one over the other.

Plants play an important role not only in our lives, but in nature as a whole. It is best to know the little things like this and be able to differentiate a cotyledon, a dicot, a monocot, an endosperm, and many more important parts of a plant.

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  2. In the 4 conclusion points of differentiation again a confusion has been created.
    The 1st point says exactly the opposite of the last point……such a gr8 article ruined at the end! Please reply with what’s correct thnx

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