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Difference Between Earth and Jupiter

Earth vs Jupiter

Earth and Jupiter are two very different planets. Foremost, earth is dubbed as the third rock from the sun while Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun. Although both are part of the solar system, earth is a more solid and rock-like while Jupiter is a gas planet. It is even dubbed as the biggest gas planet in the system.

Being the biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter has more than ten times the diameter of planet earth. In terms of mass, it is 300 times heavier. Moreover, Jupiter has 100 times more surface area than earth. It also has 1,000 times greater volume than the latter.

Jupiter has a unique ‘great red spot’ that is actually a constantly occurring storm whose size can easily engulf earth itself. The natural harsh environment at Jupiter makes it less likely to support life. Another reason for Jupiter being a place that’s unfriendly to life is because its atmosphere is not rich in Oxygen like earth; rather it is filled with Helium and Hydrogen. Aside from Oxygen, earth’s atmosphere on the contrary has lots of Nitrogen.

But if ever you happen to set foot on the planet Jupiter, you will weigh more than twice as much because Jupiter’s gravity is a little over twice than earth’s natural equatorial surface gravity. Specifically, Jupiter has about 20.87 m/s2 gravity while earth only has 9.766 m/s2. In practical application, if you weight 180 pounds on planet earth then expect yourself to feel 426 pounds at the cloud surface of the giant gas planet.

If you use the 24 hour day system here on earth, a typical day at Jupiter is faster ‘“ only worth about 10 hours. There are also 4 natural satellites in Jupiter compared to earth’s lone satellite. The four Galilean satellites (named as such because the planet was first monitored by Galileo) are called Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. These moons are already very large themselves that they are comparable in size to the smallest planets in the solar system. Thus, they are worlds in their own right.

1. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system which is 10 times bigger in diameter compared to earth. It is also 300 times heavier.

2. Jupiter is a gaseous planet while earth is a solid rock planet.

3. As of now, Jupiter is a non-habitable planet unlike earth.

4. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun while earth is the third.

5. Jupiter has four moons while earth only has one.

6. Jupiter has a little more than twice the gravity strength than earth.

7. Jupiter has a greater surface area and volume than earth.

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