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Difference Between Earth and Sun

Earth vs Sun

There are really lots of differences between the earth and the sun. Some are pretty obvious while others aren’t.

The earth is a planet while the sun is a star. As a planet, the earth is composed of many minerals. It is a solid mass that is compact with rock. It has an atmosphere that serves as a natural barrier of protection against the hazardous elements coming from the outer space. Thus, it is a place where living things can thrive or live in. On the contrary, the sun (as a star) is like a huge ball of gas. It is constantly emitting both light and heat energy by virtue of atom collision made at very high speeds. Assuredly, one will immediately die by going even near the sun.

In terms of physical dimensions, the two differ in all aspects of size, diameter, volume, and weight among many other values. The sun is approximately 100 times bigger than the earth in terms of diameter. This means that you can place 100 pieces of earth in a straight line then connect the start and the end of this line for it to be the same as the sun’s diameter.

If you are going to ask how many times the earth would fit inside the sun, then most likely you are referring to the volume. You can try imagining an inflated big balloon. By lining up 100 marbles that equal the diameter of the big balloon then you get the same diameter already. Next, if you try to fill up the inside space of the balloon with the marbles then you have to think about stacking all the marbles inside the balloon from up to the down (multiply the diameter which is 100 by 100), side to side (multiply the product by another 100), and all other directions. It will be expected that you can fill in about 1,000,000 pieces of marbles inside the inflated big balloon.

This is also true with the sun and the earth, with the former being likened to the big balloon and the latter being referred as the marble. Thus, the sun has 1,000,000 times more volume than earth. In this connection, because of the sheer size of the sun, it also has about 10,000 more surface area than the earth.

1. The earth is a planet while the sun is a star.

2. The earth is a solid piece of rock while the sun is more or less composed of dangerous gases.

3. The sun is 100 times bigger in the diameter than earth. It also has 1,000,000 times more volume than earth, not to mention, a surface area that’s 10,000 more.

4. The earth is a habitable place unlike the sun.

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