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Our solar system is comprised of 9 different planets, each of these having their unique characteristics and qualities. Among its neighbors, many scientists have considered Venus as the Earth’s twin planet. This is mainly because of the fact that among all the different planets in the solar system, the planet Venus is almost of the same size as the planet Earth as well as having the same density and surface.

While this may be the case, these two planets are different in a number of ways. One main difference is the surface temperature between the two planets. The surface temperature on the planet Earth goes only to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it possible for life to thrive on this planet. On the other hand, the surface temperature on the planet Venus is nine times hotter than that on planet Earth. As such, it is extremely impossible for any form of life to survive and thrive on Venus’ surface.

Both Earth and Venus have an atmosphere, but the composition of the atmosphere of these two planets is another major difference. The earthatmosphere of planet Venus is primarily comprised of carbon dioxide as compared to the atmosphere found in planet Earth, which is comprised mostly of nitrogen and oxygen. Carbon dioxide has been found to have the ability to trap energy coming from the sun, heating up the planet’s surface. The vast amount of carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere of Venus has been pointed as the main reason for the high surface temperature measured and the absence of any form of life on the planet.

Another major difference between the two planets is the manner on how they rotate on their planetary axis. Earth rotates counter clockwise on its axis. This is why we experience sunrises in the east and sunsets in the west. Venus rotates clockwise on its axis. As such, the sun rises on Venus’ western horizon and sets in the east. The speed on how these two planets rotate also differs. The Earth spins on its axis at a faster speed as compared to the planet Venus, making the latter experience longer days.

Still another difference between the planet Earth and the planet Venus is that Venus does not have any moons that revolve around the planet. The Earth has one moon that revolves around the planet in the same manner as the Earth revolves around the sun.

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  1. there is an error in this article, Venus does not rotate clockwise, it rotates counter-clockwise, the problem is that Venus, early in its life, was struck by a large asteroid, and virtually flipped it over so that the north pole is no longer oriented at the “top” of the planet.

  2. Nice article. Another difference between the two planets is that there are many more and much larger volcanoes on the surface of Venus than on Earth.

  3. this is so CCOOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The planet you were thinking of is uranus, that planet is tilted because of an asteroid.


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